Israel’s Military Utilizes Advanced Technology in Gaza


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  • Israel’s army uses AI tech in Gaza, fighting drones and mapping tunnels.
  • Conflict disrupts tech industry, but AI offers hope for innovation.
  • CEO sees Gaza war as chance to test new technologies in combat.

The military deployment of AI technology by Israel in Gaza marks a significant development in modern warfare. Amidst concerns over the use of autonomous weapons, Israel’s army has utilized AI-enabled military technology for the first time in combat operations in Gaza. The deployment includes advanced AI-powered gunsights and robotic drones, underscoring Israel’s commitment to leveraging technological innovation in defense strategies.

Israel’s military has provided hints about the application of this new technology, with spokesperson Daniel Hagari indicating that Israeli forces are conducting operations “above and underground simultaneously.” A senior defense official revealed that the deployed AI technology is instrumental in countering enemy drones and effectively mapping Hamas’s extensive tunnel network in Gaza.

Impact on Israel’s tech industry

Despite challenges facing Israel’s tech sector, including disruptions caused by the conflict in Gaza, advancements in defense technologies offer a ray of hope. Israel’s tech industry, which contributed 18 percent to the GDP in 2022, has faced setbacks due to an estimated eight percent of its workforce being called up for military duty. However, using AI-enabled military technology presents opportunities to showcase and test emerging innovations in real combat scenarios.

Seizing opportunities amidst adversity

Avi Hasson, CEO of Startup Nation Central, an Israeli tech incubator, highlights the dual nature of the situation, stating, “In general, the war in Gaza presents threats, but also opportunities to test emerging technologies in the field.” This sentiment underscores the resilience of Israel’s tech ecosystem, which continues to innovate and adapt, even in the face of adversities such as conflict.

The deployment of AI-enabled military technology by Israel’s army in Gaza represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of modern warfare. While concerns persist regarding the use of autonomous weapons, the strategic application of advanced technologies underscores Israel’s commitment to maintaining its military edge through innovation and adaptation. As the conflict unfolds, the world watches closely, recognizing both the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of technology and warfare.

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