IRS Enhances Digital Assets Strategy with Key Executive Appointments


  • The IRS appoints industry veterans Sulolit “Raj” Mukherjee and Seth Wilks to bolster its digital assets strategy, aiming to enhance cryptocurrency taxation and regulation.
  • These appointments align with the IRS’s goal to adapt tax administration to the evolving digital economy, ensuring compliance and enforcement in the rapidly growing digital asset sector.


In a strategic move to bolster its digital assets programs, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the appointment of two new executive advisors. These appointments come at a critical time as the IRS seeks to enhance its service, reporting, compliance, and enforcement efforts in the rapidly evolving digital asset sector. 

The integration of digital assets into the financial system presents unique challenges and opportunities for tax administration, necessitating expertise from individuals well-versed in the nuances of the emerging field.

Industry veterans join IRS

Sulolit “Raj” Mukherjee and Seth Wilks are the seasoned professionals stepping into these advisory roles. Mukherjee, who previously served as the global head of tax at Consensys, brings a deep understanding of the blockchain technology landscape and its tax implications. His expertise will be invaluable in navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation. Seth Wilks, coming from his role as the vice president of government relations at TaxBit, a crypto tax software firm, offers a wealth of experience in the intersection of digital asset regulation and technology. Together, their appointments signify a significant bolstering of the IRS’s capabilities in managing digital asset taxation effectively.

Their collaboration is anticipated to drive forward the IRS’s efforts in adapting to the digital economy’s demands. Having been long-time industry colleagues and friends, as mentioned in a LinkedIn post, their synergy is expected to enhance the IRS’s approach to digital asset compliance and enforcement. The move is a clear indication of the IRS’s commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of digital finance, ensuring that the tax system remains robust and responsive to new technological advancements.

IRS commissioner’s vision

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel has articulated a clear vision for the agency’s engagement with digital assets. Recognizing the digital asset space as an “evolving sector” with significant implications for tax administration, Werfel’s strategy involves tapping into the private sector’s expertise. The approach is aimed at enriching the IRS’s understanding and capabilities in dealing with the complexities of digital assets, ensuring that the agency remains at the forefront of tax administration in the digital age.

The initiative to bring in experts like Mukherjee and Wilks is part of a broader effort to address the challenges posed by the digital economy, especially in light of the increasing instances of crypto tax evasion. By incorporating insights from individuals with a deep understanding of the digital asset industry, the IRS aims to enhance its service, reporting, compliance, and enforcement programs. The strategic move is crucial for building a tax system that is fair, efficient, and capable of accommodating the innovative nature of digital assets.

Broader industry movements

The IRS’s announcement is part of a larger trend of significant hires and appointments across the digital asset and blockchain industry. For instance, Readygg, a Web3 and NFT gaming infrastructure company, has added a senior executive from Sony’s PlayStation Division as an advisor. 

Similarly, the appointments at Wanchain and WOO X, along with the leadership change at market maker TDMM, reflect the dynamic nature of the digital asset industry. These developments signify a broader recognition of the need for experienced leadership to navigate the complexities of the digital asset market. 


The IRS’s decision to appoint industry veterans Sulolit “Raj” Mukherjee and Seth Wilks highlights a strategic move to strengthen its digital assets regulatory framework. The action reflects a wider industry trend of leveraging private sector expertise to tackle the complexities of digital asset management and compliance. As the digital asset sector grows, such collaborative efforts between regulators and industry experts are vital for creating a secure and innovative financial ecosystem. The IRS’s initiative not only addresses current digital asset taxation challenges but also paves the way for future regulatory developments, ensuring the financial system’s resilience amidst rapid technological change.

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