Invest in $AGONY, the Market-oriented Token Native to ADA Demon, Right Now For Maximum Benefits

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ADA Demon has secured the top position in the Play-to-Earn gaming space ever since it launched. The thrilling gameplay and immersive graphics have attracted a large number of users from the gaming community towards it. And after a successful launch, ADA Demon is here with the Private Seed Sale of its native token, $AGONY, going on right now.

Everything You Need to Know About the Private Seed Sale Of $AGONY

Investors can get their hands on $AGONY in the Private Seed Sale using the $ADA coin. The exchange rate between the two tokens is set at 1 $ADA= 300 $AGONY during the Private Seed Sale. Out of the total supply of 5,000,000,000 $AGONY tokens, 10% of the tokens are set aside to market the platform and promote the coin, which is an excellent step for long-term sustainability and growth and to get investors a high ROI (Return on Investment).

There is a limit to the number of tokens that an investor can acquire. It is done to ensure wide distribution and equal opportunities to the investors during the Private Seed Sale. ADA Demon works as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and that is why it’s critical to have higher participation, a greater number of investors, and the elimination of monopoly of any sort. An investor can purchase $AGONY tokens worth a minimum of 300 $ADA and a maximum of 35000 $ADA.

Benefits Of Investing In $AGONY During The Private Seed Sale

  • The price for the $AGONY token is set to be the lowest during the Private Seed Sale, and based on in-depth assessment, it can be said that the prices will skyrocket once the token is listed on exchanges. ROI is the primary concern of every investor, and that is why it is advised to invest at the right time, i.e., the first time a token is launched.  
  • If you are a fan of ADA Demon, getting your hands on these tokens will be a great decision. It acts as an in-game utility to purchase weapons in order to defeat monsters in dangerous zones or to advance quickly through the initial stages. Also, you can use $AGONY to upgrade the in-game character or trade items collected in the game for a profit. 
  • The project also employs the staking protocol to reward users for their participation in verifying transactions on the Blockchain. Here, investors who stake their tokens receive a regular stream of funds in the form of $AGONY tokens. ADA Demon offers one of the highest APY when compared with other similar projects. So, investing in $AGONY can be a great investment option, and you stand to earn a high passive income.
  • Since ADA Demon is a community-owned platform, the investors play a crucial role in deciding the key steps and changes to the ecosystem. Investors who stake their $AGONY tokens on the ecosystem get to approve or disapprove proposals. More is the number of $AGONY tokens you have staked, the higher would be the voting power.
  • De-Fi loans is another major benefit of acquiring the $AGONY tokens since you can loan these out to investors. The lender here earns from the interest charged on the loaned amount. To ensure security, borrowers would have to keep their digital assets as collateral to secure the loan. 
  • The most eminent and appealing feature of ADA Demon is the Metaverse integration which gives you the chance to own digital land. You can buy lands in ADA Demon and earn by leasing or renting them out. Also, investors who have purchased a large number of $AGONY tokens will be allotted land by the ADA Demon ecosystem itself.

ADA Demon offers limitless possibilities to earn a return on your investment along with a fun-packed and thrilling gaming experience. It is a complete ecosystem with the various components and features effectively intertwined! The tokenomics backing the $AGONY token has been designed after considering commonly encountered problems and ways to effectively eliminate them.

So, invest in $AGONY today and get the token at the lowest ever price! And, do not forget to check the game out.

To find out more about ADA Demon, visit the official website: https://adademon.com/

$AGONY Token Sale: https://sale.adademon.com/ 

Also, follow ADA Demon on all social channels to stay updated with the recent developments and offers.

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