Indian telco Airtel partners with IBM blockchain to curb unwanted calls & messages

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Bharti Airtel took the initiative to collaborate with IBM, a U.S. based technology firm to establish the blockchain-powered pan-India network with the objective of this partnership is to block any unwanted calls or messages.

India is making tremendous advancements in the IT sector, and they are employing different techniques to strengthen this sector more.

Previously, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made a request to country’ service provider to cater the issue of unwanted calls and messages that annoy their two hundred and eight four million (284m) customers.

They have made this request in July 2018 and gave the deadline of May 2019. To materialize this plan, a whole system of ledger technology is required that will be provided by IBM.

The technology will provide the customers to have full control over what messages and calls they want to receive and also fraud and fake transactions can be minimized. This will not only help the customers but facilitate the company in terms of portability, interconnect settlements, and cost-effective services.

Blockchain technology has already made a lot of progress in finance, supply chain, and real estate and is now determined to make advancements in the IT sector.

Tanla solutions, which is an IT solutions and Services Company, has established its own blockchain centre for blocking any unwanted calls and messages.

In June 2018, TRAI made a draft to block any unsolicited calls and messages. It should be noted that the spectrum of blockchain is wide, and there is a lot of versatility in this sector.

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