India spearheads cross-border CBDC payment solutions


  • India is spearheading the adoption of its digital currency, the digital rupee, for cross-border payments.
  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in discussions with 18 countries to use the digital rupee for foreign trade.
  • This initiative helps conserve India’s US dollar reserves and could aid countries with dollar shortages.

Embracing the promise of the digital future, India is paving the way for transforming the landscape of cross-border payments.

Through the ingenuity of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the nation is steadily making strides in implementing its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), known as the “digital rupee“. India’s ambitious endeavors in the field are not confined to its borders.

The country is spearheading a massive effort to realize the potential of CBDC in international trade payments.

International trade infusion with digital rupee

The RBI’s commitment to innovation is expressed in its engagements with at least 18 other nations, exploring the implementation of the digital rupee in cross-border payments.

This ambitious endeavor echoes the vision of RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das, who has continually emphasized the need for an efficient foreign trade infrastructure that incorporates the digital rupee.

The keen interest shown by these countries in the digital rupee is not unfounded. As of July 2023, 18 foreign banks have begun operating rupee vostro accounts, showing international confidence in India’s digital currency.

This global interest stems from the appeal of the digital rupee as a viable payment method for importing goods from India, especially for those nations grappling with a shortage of US dollars.

The expansion of digital rupee usage into international trade provides a crucial benefit for India. By facilitating transactions in its digital currency, India safeguards its US dollar reserves, effectively preventing a repeat of the ‘taper tantrum’ period crisis that depleted the nation’s foreign inflows.

Driving the future of money with CBDC

With the firm belief that “CBDC is going to be the future of money”, India is setting itself up to lead this transition. The wholesale and retail trials of the digital rupee, launched in November 2022 and February 2023 respectively, showed promising results.

The number of digital rupee users is expected to reach one million domestically, making it a considerable force in India’s payment landscape.

Concurrently, the RBI has embarked on projects aimed at increasing the scope of digital rupee applications. These ventures involve partnerships with various central banks that have either introduced or are in the process of launching their CBDCs.

The recent agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) central bank to explore a CBDC bridge for trade and remittances is a significant milestone in these collaborations.

The RBI’s trailblazing initiatives in CBDC cross-border payments are backed by a robust domestic digital payment system. The success of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system has shown that India is ready for a digital revolution in its financial sector.

This readiness, coupled with the RBI’s determination to extend the reach of the digital rupee, is set to bring about a new era of financial transactions that is quicker, seamless, and cost-effective.

The steady progress India is making in the digital currency space promises to revolutionize cross-border trade. With each stride, the nation is not just making a significant contribution to the global discourse on CBDCs but is also ensuring that it remains at the forefront of financial innovation.

This bold move towards the future of money reaffirms India’s position as a world leader in fintech and demonstrates how the country is shaping the future of global finance.

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