IMF highlights the benefits of CBDCs to Pacific island countries


  • The International Monetary Fund has released a comprehensive report on the potential benefits of CBDCs to countries in the Pacific islands.
  • Recommendations for implementing the report.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a comprehensive report highlighting the potential benefits of digital money, particularly stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), for Pacific Island countries (PICs) situated in the Pacific Ocean. Authored by senior economic experts from the IMF, the report addresses the challenges faced by these nations and explores how embracing digital money could enhance financial inclusion and improve the quality of financial services.

IMF highlights the benefits of CBDVs and stablecoins

One of the primary concerns outlined in the report is the limited and unequal access to financial services within PICs. This disparity contributes significantly to persistent poverty and inequality across these countries. Additionally, PICs heavily rely on remittance flows, making them vulnerable to disruptions in correspondent banking relationships, which are essential for facilitating cross-border transactions.

The IMF suggests that leveraging the digital money revolution could offer several advantages to PICs. Developing robust payment systems, expanding financial inclusion initiatives, and mitigating the risks associated with diminishing correspondent banking relationships are among the key benefits highlighted in the report.

While the report primarily focuses on CBDCs, a concept strongly advocated by the IMF, it also acknowledges the potential role of private stablecoins backed by foreign currencies. However, the IMF advises against smaller PICs issuing their sovereign stablecoins due to limited oversight capacities, emphasizing the importance of robust regulation and supervision for the viability of foreign currency-based stablecoins.

Recommendations for implementing the report

Interestingly, the report explicitly mentions Tether as the only private stablecoin, underscoring the need for stringent regulatory frameworks to ensure the stability and credibility of such digital assets, especially in countries without their national currencies. For PICs with established national currencies and mature banking systems, the IMF recommends a two-tier CBDC model.

In this model, the central bank would issue the CBDC but delegate its operational management to private intermediaries, ensuring efficient oversight and management of the digital currency. It is important to note that currently, none of the PICs officially adopt private cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. Only a few countries, including Fiji, Palau, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, are actively exploring the potential implementation of a CBDC.

The move is an indication of a gradual shift towards digital financial solutions in the region. The IMF continues to be a leading advocate for CBDCs globally. Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva has emphasized the necessity for public sector readiness in deploying CBDCs, viewing them as a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional cash, capable of coexisting alongside private currencies.

The IMF’s report underscores the significant potential benefits of digital money, particularly CBDCs and stablecoins, for PICs in the Pacific region. However, it also emphasizes the critical importance of robust regulatory frameworks and strategic implementation strategies to ensure the successful integration of digital currencies and maximize their positive impact on these economies.

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