Huawei Partners for Smart Agriculture Advancement in Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Huawei collaborates with UNIDO to promote AI adoption in agriculture across Latin America and the Caribbean, driving digital transformation.
  • Integration of 5G, AI, and cloud computing holds promise for boosting productivity and efficiency in agricultural practices.
  • Huawei’s commitment to digital transformation aims to foster sustainable growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

Huawei, the prominent Chinese multinational technology corporation, has announced its collaborative efforts with international organizations and local partners to drive the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture across Latin America and the Caribbean. The initiative, unveiled during the Smart Agriculture Roundtable at Mobile World Congress 24 in Barcelona, aims to propel digital development within the agricultural sector, starting with joint innovation pilots.

Strategic alliance for agricultural innovation

At the forefront of this endeavor is Huawei’s collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and other key stakeholders. Together, they seek to promote innovation and the practical application of AI technology in agriculture, thereby fostering digital transformation within the region. This alliance follows the establishment of the Global Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Manufacturing in July 2023, a platform dedicated to fostering global collaboration and sharing expertise in AI development.

Unlocking the potential of AI in agriculture

Farrukh Alimdjanov, UNIDO’s industrial development officer, highlighted the transformative power of 5th generation mobile networks (5G) when coupled with AI and cloud computing. These advancements promise significant enhancements in productivity, efficiency, and site security within industries such as agriculture. Alimdjanov emphasized the vast potential of AI to address challenges such as low productivity and labor shortages, heralding a new era of agricultural innovation.

Towards sustainable agriculture

Nigel Davy, CEO of Innovative Energy Company Limited of Jamaica, underscored the importance of decarbonization in shaping the future of agricultural production. Sharing insights from the Essex Valley Agricultural Development Project in Jamaica, Davy showcased the implementation of intelligent photovoltaic power generation systems to optimize energy utilization. The project aims to alleviate electricity supply constraints for agricultural irrigation while reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity.

Huawei’s commitment to digital transformation

Atilio Rulli, Vice President of Public Relations for Huawei Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasized connectivity as the cornerstone of digital transformation. Leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and AI, Huawei aims to drive industry-wide digitalization. Rulli expressed Huawei’s readiness to collaborate with UNIDO and local partners to extend successful digital transformation experiences to the agricultural sector, facilitating sustainable growth and innovation.

Driving innovation for sustainable growth

As Huawei embarks on this collaborative journey, it signals a significant step towards harnessing the power of technology to address pressing agricultural challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. By forging strategic partnerships and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the initiative aims to foster sustainable agricultural practices, enhance productivity, and ensure food security for future generations.

Huawei’s partnership with UNIDO and other stakeholders marks a pivotal moment in the quest for agricultural innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean. With a focus on AI-driven solutions, the initiative promises to revolutionize farming practices, driving efficiency, sustainability, and economic prosperity across the region. As digital transformation continues to reshape industries, Huawei remains committed to spearheading advancements that empower communities and nurture growth in the agricultural sector.

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