How To Solve Spoofing Payment Information And Phishing By Aurix

How to solve spoofing payment information and phishing by Aurix

A crypto platform stores your financial data, which includes your identity card, your bank account details, your private keys, and to some extent, your transaction details. So, if a hacker gets access to your account, such details will get into the hacker’s hands. 

All this information is stored by a crypto wallet so that they can verify your financial credentials preventing any kind of identity theft. Well, if the exchange itself gets hacked, what will happen ? It was in this case that Aurix was built by CEO Majed Mosen, to help people keep their data secure and away from phishing.

What can you do from your end?

The first step for you is to recognize any kind of strange email, message, or advertisement. You don’t have to click on any kind of URL or link that you get. It is a common tactic that hackers use when they want your credentials. 

The hackers would build a duplicate UI and framework of the exchange that you use so that you can enter your credentials and with that, they will steal them. Other things that you need to be careful about include:

  • Spam emails: The above-mentioned links are sent to you with the help of emails that have an appealing subject. 
  • Security text messages: Hackers might send you a text saying there are certain suspicious activities in your wallet and hence, get you to open a link.
  • Check sender email address for domain in case of suspicion: In cases of emails, you need to check if the person sending you the email has a suspicious domain name because they cannot duplicate the domain name.How To Solve Spoofing Payment Information And Phishing By Aurix 1

Source: Kaspersky Lab

As it is clear from the graph above, the number of organizations that have been hit with phishing tactics increases every year. It is imperative that people take stronger measures. 

Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, says it’s never too late

Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, advises people to stay informed and remain safe from such attacks by using Aurix exchange. According to  CEO Majed Mohsen, the Aurix platform can save a crypto trader from all such maleficent behavior.  

  • Aurix prevents intrusions and breaches, holding off foreign codes. This is done with the help of strong firewall protection that destroys any efforts made by foreign codes that are made to interfere with the Aurix Ecosystem.
  • In case of any damage, immediate reports are released. So, if your device is attacked by any malware or such code, immediately, Aurix will diagnose such behavior and send reports to the respective authority.
  • Aurix is resilient to any kind of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. No malware can waltz into your wallet and launch an attack on the exchange or on your wallet itself. 
  • 2 Factor Authentication using an App or mobile number is a very important feature in any crypto exchange platform. It is a must-have for any user of a wallet, and should be used under any circumstance. 

The key to protecting your investment lies in your hands 

People have recently lost a huge amount of their money to crypto trading due to wallets that have been subjected to phishing. $1.36 billion worth of crypto was stolen from crypto exchanges in the year 2018 alone, and most of it was due to phishing. This is the reason  people should be more careful when using crypto exchanges and storing their crypto in hot wallets. 

It is considered safer if such people take the services of Aurix. Aurix Ecosystem is protected and maintained by the expert developers, and the security is unbreakable.

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