How to Avoid Crypto Scams on Telegram – 9 Tips to Stay Safe

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Crypto enthusiasts join Telegram communities to learn and discuss with others. These communities are also target-rich destinations for scammers looking to dupe users of their money or collect personal information. You can take precautionary measures to protect yourself from fraudulent activities and scams on Telegram.

Let us explore nine helpful tips to stay safe on Telegram and other online crypto communities.

Doublecheck usernames

Scammers often pose as support staff or admins using identical usernames to verified brands and credible groups. They typically change one or two letters or make a letter appear in a different font to look the same as the actual username. 

Always check usernames carefully and search for their activity in the groups. If they fail these preliminary checks, the user is likely a scammer.

Avoid bot groups

Many scams clone groups and communities surrounding a coin or project. These groups may advertise “insider knowledge” to lure users. However, these groups usually lack organic members and prop membership statistics with bots. 

When you enter a new group, thoroughly check profiles to differentiate legitimate groups populated with real users from fake ones filled with bots.

Use credible news and learning resources

Some platforms provide investment and beginner guides to get crypto newbies started. While many of these resources are legitimate channels, it is essential to examine them before investing your hard-earned money. 

Compare data from different sources. Use facts instead of assumptions and emotions to invest in authentic options. Always tick these boxes before investing your capital into any project.

Verify all giveaways

Scammers often use free cryptocurrency and giveaways to encourage users to share personal information such as private keys. Some even send small amounts of crypto to your wallet address to win your trust. 

Do not entertain any congratulatory messages if you did not enter a giveaway contest. Authentic platforms are transparent with their giveaways and prize award procedures. 

If you enter giveaways, always check the social media pages of the hosts and only follow official announcements. If they do not provide clear and open communication, you can assume the giveaway is not legitimate.

Beware of unsolicited support messages

If you need user support, do not share details about the issue you’re experiencing in group chats. Go to the specified user support link to report problems. Most Telegram groups do not offer 1:1 customer support through direct messages. Hence, if you receive messages from unverified email addresses or phone numbers, you should ignore them. 

Scrutinize credibility claims 

Many scammers create profiles on multiple platforms to appear legitimate. Connected accounts and references from community forums do not assure credibility. Always confirm project affiliation, endorsement, and relationship claims through independent sources and trusted parties. 

Screen your accessibility 

If you are uncertain about a person on Telegram, do not engage in conversation with them. You may modify your app’s settings so people can only message you when you allow them. If you make connections through Telegram, try to check out that person on other platforms or social media, and ensure the information they provided checks out.

Note Telegram’s scam alert

Telegram notifies users about sketchy profiles. Do not ignore such warnings. If the platform suggests it, the account was very likely involved in some malicious activity in the past.

Never click on unverified links

Many people believe that you become vulnerable when you enter your information on a form. You may also be in danger by clicking malicious links. A link may download files onto your computer without permission, resulting in data breaches and theft. Enable firewalls and antivirus website blockers to prevent access to potentially malicious websites.

It is more important than ever to be vigilant about your assets. You do not need to be an expert to keep your digital assets safe. While you can avoid Telegram scams with the information in this article, scammers still have many other methods to steal your digital assets. They unleash new scams every day, and one can lose his entire digital portfolio because of a simple indiscretion. 

Many new technologies are in development to make blockchain a more secure space for crypto users, but no single procedure is adequate. Like the traditional security world, security systems evolve to withstand sophisticated attacks from bad actors. The most secure systems employ multiple layers of protection to neutralize attacks.

How REV3AL can protect and help 

REV3AL Technology employs blockchain and non-blockchain technology to incorporate multiple authentication factors in one system to ensure  protection for your digital assets. These multiple security levels and self-verification tools help protect digital assets from alterations, abuse, or duplication.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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