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One big problem that’s stopping many normal people from getting involved in cryptocurrencies is that they’re just too complicated. Loads of people like the idea of using crypto for everyday purchases or for trading some on exchanges, but they’re held back by barriers that stop them getting involved. 

Maybe you’ve tried setting up an account on an exchange but were put off by the huge number of authentication processes you had to go through. Maybe you got past that step and actually had access to your exchange account, but didn’t really understand what to do next.

Perhaps you spent a few hours learning the ins and outs of your exchange but found sorting out wallet addresses and managing that whole process too complicated.

If any of these things sound familiar, you’re not alone. You shouldn’t need to complete an online education before you can start trading or spending crypto. This complicated maze of restrictions and barriers are holding back cryptocurrencies from reaching the next step in full-scale mass market adoption.

SamePay makes everything easier

That’s how SamePay can help. It’s an easy-to-use payment and wallet app that streamlines everything. Making it easy for normal people to start sending, receiving and buying cryptocurrencies.

SamePay was built from the ground up with simplicity at its core—so everyone can understand and use it, right from the first second they install it.

All your crypto holdings and transaction options are just a couple of clicks away, organized in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate way.

Simplified wallet addresses

One of the big drawbacks of many other platforms is the massive issue of wallet addresses. If you send crypto to the wrong address, it goes to the wrong person (or to nowhere). If you forget your own address, you lose your funds. If you give the wrong address to someone who wants to send you crypto, you don’t get them. Or if they type the wrong address in.

SamePay creates wallet addresses for all your different cryptocurrencies but ties them with your SameID. An easy to use system that’s practically impossible to forget. And SamePay makes it easy to send or transact with anyone else, whether you want to send funds or buy more coins.

Best crypto exchange rates

While SamePay makes it much easier to send and receive cryptocurrencies, it also makes it easier to buy them on exchanges, or trade for other coins. Users will also pay the lowest fees in the industry, and can exchange their currencies at the simple touch of a few buttons.

Along with fast and secure payments, a system that’s quick and easy to both log-in to or transfer funds, and an easy platform for everyone—SamePay is perfectly positioned to be the future of crypto for everyday use. It’s available on every platform, easy to get verified and the easiest and most affordable way to start exchanging crypto on the planet. That’s why SamePay is the future of crypto platforms.

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