How MiCA is making Ireland crypto’s new Mecca


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  • Ireland is emerging as a hotspot for cryptocurrency companies, largely due to the impending MiCA regulation.
  • Coinbase expanded its presence in Ireland, seeing the country’s potential and regulatory environment as favorable.
  • Apart from Coinbase, other crypto giants like Gemini and MoonPay have also chosen Ireland as a strategic base.

Amid the turbulent waters of the cryptocurrency world, one beacon shines exceptionally bright: Ireland. No longer just renowned for its rolling green landscapes and rich cultural history, the Emerald Isle is emerging as the go-to haven for cryptocurrency companies. And the catalyst for this shift? The soon-to-be-implemented Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation.

Coinbase Plants its Flag

Coinbase, a heavyweight in the crypto realm, has magnified its foothold in Ireland, having recognized the nation’s immense potential early on. But why Ireland? One of the key draws, apart from its robust fintech-friendly policies, is the nation’s reputable regulatory body.

Since its establishment in the Irish capital in 2018, Coinbase swiftly secured an e-money license from the Central Bank of Ireland. Not to mention, by the close of 2022, they officially registered as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) and crowned an Ireland country director.

These strides were not merely about expanding their global presence. With VASP status in Ireland, companies like Coinbase can cater to a myriad of services for Irish clients, ranging from digital asset and fiat currency exchanges to facilitating digital asset swaps.

Undoubtedly, the depth of expertise available in Ireland’s financial sector plays an instrumental role in such decisions.

More Than Just Coinbase: Ireland’s Rising Crypto Credibility

Dublin’s reputation as a hub for the cryptocurrency economy isn’t new. As early as 2018, insiders earmarked the city as a cornerstone for Europe’s surging crypto momentum.

Gemini, another significant player, echoed this sentiment. Last year, they had the distinction of being the inaugural company to attain VASP registration in Ireland.

Their ambition? Using Dublin as their gateway to penetrate deeper into European territories, riding on the wings of the MiCA framework.

But the allure of Ireland isn’t merely its regulatory charm. The nation has been proactive in nurturing an environment conducive to fintech innovation.

In 2018, the Irish government unfurled its ‘Innovation Hub,’ a platform allowing fintech firms to liaise directly with the Central Bank of Ireland.

And guess what? A substantial chunk of these interactions stems from the crypto and blockchain sectors. In fact, the Central Bank’s report from March highlighted an uptick in engagements from established crypto asset service providers.

Other Titans Eyeing Ireland

MoonPay, a crypto payment giant, is another firm that’s betting big on Ireland. With its VASP status and an eye on future MiCA collaborations, they’re poised to navigate the European landscape with relative ease.

Kraken, not one to be left behind, secured authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland as an E-Money Institution last month. This move is strategic, enabling Kraken to broaden its Euro fiat services while collaborating with banks scattered across the 27 EU member states.

Interestingly, Binance, another behemoth in the crypto universe, flirted with the idea of making Ireland its mainstay. Though they eventually gravitated towards Paris, it speaks volumes about Ireland’s allure in the crypto landscape.

The bottomline as the MiCA regulation inches closer to realization, Ireland’s stature in the cryptocurrency domain is skyrocketing. While the regulation demands crypto asset services providers to snag licenses from national authorities, Ireland’s forward-thinking approach and supportive ecosystem make it a magnet for crypto enterprises. As these companies shore up their bases in Ireland, one thing is clear: the country is positioning itself as the new epicenter of the crypto universe.

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