From Months to Weeks: How AI is Speeding Up the Future of Proteins


  • Tierra Biosciences leverages AI to streamline protein development, reducing timelines from months to weeks.
  • Their cell-free platform analyses protein sequences, optimising production and minimising wasted resources.
  • This innovation holds promise for accelerating breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and various other sectors.

California-based synthetic biology company Tierra Biosciences is shaking up the protein development landscape with its innovative AI-guided platform. 

Using AI technology, the company created a new platform that promises to significantly accelerate the creation of custom proteins, potentially impacting various sectors like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and industrial applications.

AI Quickens Custom Protein Production

Traditionally, developing new proteins involves using living cells, a process known for its slow pace and inefficiencies. Tierra challenges this paradigm with its cell-free technology. It reportedly uses a method that bypasses living cells and offers a streamlined approach, reducing development timelines from months to mere weeks.

“People making proteins today have to order DNA, and then they have to transect living cells. And there’s a lot to do to keep the cells alive,” said Tierra’s CEO, Michael Nemzek. 

Tierra’s platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence. When customers submit their desired protein sequences, the company uses AI to analyse them and predict potential challenges like stability and solubility. The data is then used to make informed adjustments before production, minimising wasted time and resources.

“When that protein goes through the process, we start generating lots of data,” said Nemzek. “We look at things like stability and solubility and all these different parameters of the protein, and then we take that in front of a closed feedback loop.”

Beyond speed, Tierra’s platform boasts high-throughput capabilities, which enable the creation of large quantities of proteins, which are ideal for scenarios like validating AI models or screening for optimal protein candidates. 

With every protein produced, Tierra’s AI model accumulates valuable data. This continuously expanding database serves as a powerful knowledge base for future protein development.

Why Does it Matter?

Proteins are vital components of many drugs, acting as enzymes, antibodies, or therapeutic targets. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry faces a lengthy and expensive drug discovery pipeline, and having proteins made faster could aid in quicker breakthroughs in disease treatment.

The development also comes as a big boost for the agricultural sector. Enzymes can help enhance crop yields by improving nutrient absorption or resistance to diseases. Faster protein production would accelerate the testing and optimisation of these enzymes, leading to the development of more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

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