Google Partners with Hellmann’s TO Revolutionize Meal Planning with AI


  • AI tool reduces food waste and enhances meal planning.
  • Collaboration between Hellmann’s and Google revolutionizes cooking.
  • Meal Reveal transforms leftovers into gourmet delights.

To combat food waste, renowned condiment brand Hellmann’s has joined forces with tech giant Google Cloud to launch an innovative AI tool called ‘Meal Reveal.’ 

This tool aims to address the common issue of ‘fridge blindness,’ where individuals struggle to envision meals based on the ingredients already available in their refrigerators.

Introducing Hellmann’s meal reveals AI

Hellmann’s Meal Reveal utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to identify leftover food items in users’ fridges and suggests bespoke recipe ideas tailored to their available ingredients. 

By simply scanning the contents of their refrigerators, users can receive personalized recipe recommendations, effectively reducing food waste while creating delicious meals.

The initiative comes as part of Hellmann’s ongoing commitment to combatting food waste through their ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign, which was first launched in 2021. 

Recognizing the unintended consequences of busy lifestyles leading to food wastage, Hellmann saw an opportunity to provide a practical solution to this widespread issue.

Addressing Food Waste Action Week with tech innovation

The unveiling of Meal Reveal coincides with Food Waste Action Week, an annual event aimed at raising awareness about food waste and promoting sustainable solutions. This year, Food Waste Action Week spans from March 18 to 24, providing the perfect platform for Hellmann’s and Google to introduce their collaborative AI tool to the world.

Christina Bauer-Plank, Hellmann’s global vice president, emphasizes the significance of tackling food waste, stating, “People never set out wanting to throw food away.” She underscores the inadvertent nature of food wastage, often stemming from a lack of inspiration when faced with disparate ingredients in the fridge.

Hellmann’s meal reveals market expansion

Developed in partnership with Ogilvy, a leading advertising agency, Hellmann’s Meal Reveal represents a significant leap forward in utilizing AI technology to promote sustainability in everyday living. 

The tool will initially launch in the UK before expanding to other markets, leveraging social media channels, YouTube placements, and out-of-home activations to reach a wide audience.

Dan Fisher, global executive creative director of Unilever and special projects at Ogilvy UK, highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of Meal Reveal in encouraging consumers to maximize their leftovers. He notes that despite consumers’ good intentions, the demands of daily life often hinder their ability to utilize leftover ingredients effectively.

Hellmann’s collaboration with Google Cloud to develop Meal Reveal marks a significant milestone in the fight against food waste. By harnessing the power of AI technology, the innovative tool empowers users to make the most of their available ingredients, thereby reducing waste and promoting sustainable consumption practices.

As the initiative unfolds during Food Waste Action Week, it serves as a timely reminder of the importance of addressing food waste on both individual and societal levels. With Meal Reveal, Hellmann’s, and Google have set a new standard for leveraging technology to promote sustainability and inspire positive change in everyday habits.

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