Helix Breaks Ground with On-Chain Japanese Yen Market Introduction

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  • Helix launches the first-ever on-chain Japanese Yen (JPY) forex pair on its decentralized exchange, partnering with Cables Finance to introduce a tokenized version of the world’s third most traded currency.
  • The initiative not only marks a historic milestone in integrating traditional fiat currencies with DeFi but also sets the stage for future innovations and the potential inclusion of other major fiat currencies in the on-chain ecosystem.



Helix, the trailblazing decentralized exchange built on the Injective protocol, has today announced a monumental development in the world of cryptocurrency trading. 

In collaboration with FX market titan Cables Finance, Helix has launched the first-ever on-chain market for the Japanese Yen (JPY), marking a pioneering moment in the integration of traditional fiat currencies with decentralized finance (DeFi).

Helix pioneering the integration of traditional and decentralized finance

As the world’s third most traded currency, the Japanese Yen commands an impressive daily average volume of $1.2 trillion. The introduction of the JPY on Helix’s platform is not just a significant stride in the platform’s offerings but a historic event in the cryptocurrency sector. Users on Helix now have the unprecedented ability to trade a tokenized version of the Japanese Yen, fully on-chain, introducing a new dimension to the liquidity and accessibility of one of the globe’s most prominent fiat currencies.

The tokenization of the JPY and its integration into the on-chain environment is a result of the collaborative efforts between Helix and Cables Finance. Cables Finance, known for its expertise in bridging the gap between traditional financial currency rails and the crypto ecosystem, brings institutional-grade liquidity to the on-chain Yen markets. The partnership is indicative of the growing trend of convergence between traditional financial markets and the burgeoning world of DeFi, a sector that Helix is now at the forefront of.

A milestone in crypto trading and market accessibility

The launch of the on-chain JPY market is more than just an addition of a new currency pair on a trading platform. It represents a breakthrough in market accessibility and the fluidity of global finance. Traders and investors are no longer confined to the traditional boundaries of fiat currency markets or the limitations of off-chain trading mechanisms. With Helix’s innovative platform, users can seamlessly engage in trading activities, leveraging the speed, security, and transparency that blockchain technology offers.

The integration of the Japanese Yen into Helix’s decentralized exchange platform also opens up new avenues for traders and investors, providing them with a gateway to diversify their portfolios and engage in forex trading within the crypto domain. The move by Helix and Cables Finance is a testament to the evolving landscape of finance, where the lines between traditional and digital assets are increasingly blurring.

Setting the stage for future innovations

The launch of the on-chain Japanese Yen market by Helix is expected to be the first of many developments in the realm of decentralized finance. By successfully tokenizing and integrating a major fiat currency like the JPY into its platform, Helix has set a high standard and opened the door for other traditional currencies to make their way into the on-chain environment.

The initiative is likely to catalyze further innovations and collaborations between traditional financial institutions and decentralized platforms, paving the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and interconnected global financial ecosystem. As the world continues to recognize the potential and benefits of blockchain technology and DeFi, the introduction of the on-chain JPY market by Helix is poised to be remembered as a pivotal moment in the journey toward a truly integrated and decentralized financial future.


The launch of the Japanese Yen on Helix’s platform is not just a significant addition to its trading pairs but a landmark event in the financial sector. It signifies the dawn of a new era in trading, where traditional fiat currencies and digital assets coexist and interact seamlessly on a decentralized platform. As Helix continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in DeFi, the entire financial landscape watches and anticipates the next innovative leap from the pioneering platform.

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