Google Introduces ‘Draft Email with Voice’ Feature in Gmail for Android Users


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  • Google introduces ‘Draft Email with Voice’ for Gmail, making email writing easier for Android users.
  • This voice-powered feature follows the ‘Help me write’ tool and is currently in Google’s Workspace Labs program.
  • The release date and supported devices are yet to be announced, but these features aim to boost email efficiency and accessibility.

Google has unveiled a new AI voice feature known as ‘Draft Email with Voice’ for Android users to simplify email composition for its Gmail application. This innovative tool, currently available only in Google’s invite-only Workspace Labs program, aims to streamline the process of drafting emails by allowing users to submit prompts using their voice rather than typing them out.

Voice-powered email drafting

The ‘Draft Email with Voice’ feature significantly enhances Android’s voice-typing capabilities. Unlike the conventional voice input methods found on standard keyboards, this feature seamlessly integrates within the Gmail app, offering a more intuitive and efficient way to create email drafts.

A microphone icon appears just above the device’s keyboard when composing a new email using this feature. By tapping this icon, users can start recording their email prompts verbally. For example, they can say, “Schedule a meeting with John next Friday at 3 pm to discuss the project.” 

Once the voice prompt is submitted by tapping ‘Create,’ Gmail’s AI generates a complete email draft based on the spoken input. Users can edit the generated text or request Gmail to produce a revised version. Additionally, they can provide feedback on the generated content, further improving the tool’s accuracy and functionality.

The evolution of AI-powered email composition

Google’s foray into AI-powered email composition began with introducing the ‘Help me write’ tool, announced at the Google IO event in March of the previous year. This tool was designed to assist users in creating draft emails by interpreting written prompts. For instance, users could request the AI to draft an email for purposes ranging from party invitations to job applications. However, this feature is also available exclusively within Google’s Workspace Labs program, which is reserved for selected users who are granted early access to test new AI features.

The ‘Draft Email with Voice’ feature significantly advances this AI-driven email composition journey. It extends the convenience of AI-generated drafts and harnesses the power of voice recognition technology to make the process even more user-friendly.

While these promising AI tools generate buzz among Android users, Google has yet to announce an official release date for ‘Help Me Write’ and ‘Draft Email with Voice.’ Furthermore, the specific devices that will support these features remain undisclosed. However, their integration within the Gmail app suggests they are poised to become valuable additions to the email composition toolkit for Android users.

Enhancing efficiency and Productivity

The introduction of ‘Draft Email with Voice’ and the ‘Help Me Write’ tool underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing user efficiency and productivity within the Gmail ecosystem. By simplifying the process of drafting emails through AI-powered assistance, these features aim to save users valuable time and reduce the effort required to compose thoughtful and well-structured messages.

The emergence of AI-driven email composition tools like ‘Draft Email with Voice’ and ‘Help Me Write’ raises intriguing possibilities for the future of email communication. As these technologies evolve, they may pave the way for more accessible and inclusive email interactions. Users with diverse needs and capabilities could benefit from features that simplify the email writing process, making it more inclusive for everyone.

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