Glacier Network Chosen for Prestigious UC Berkeley’s 2024 Blockchain Xcelerator

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  • Glacier Network, a decentralized data composability protocol, secures a spot among the top ten projects selected for the prestigious University of California, Berkeley’s 2024 Blockchain Xcelerator. The collaboration involves joint incubation with influential partners, including Berkeley RDI, Blockchain At Berkeley, Berkeley Engineering, and Berkeley Haas, amplifying Glacier Network’s potential for growth and innovation.
  • With a focus on creating a modular Layer 2 data-driven network, Glacier Network aims to revolutionize decentralized applications (DApps) and promote trustless data primitives, showcasing its commitment to shaping the future of the decentralized technology landscape.

Glacier Network has emerged as one of the ten projects selected for the University of California, Berkeley’s esteemed 2024 Blockchain Xcelerator. The initiative is set to propel Glacier Network to provide an invaluable opportunity for growth and collaboration within the vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

Renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation, UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator stands as a beacon for emerging projects pushing the boundaries of decentralized technologies. Glacier Network’s selection underscores its position as a pioneering decentralized data composability protocol, poised to make significant contributions to the evolution of blockchain applications.

Strategic collaboration with industry leaders

The journey doesn’t end with selection; Glacier Network is set to embark on a collaborative venture with key partners, including Berkeley RDI, Blockchain At Berkeley, Berkeley Engineering, and Berkeley Haas. The strategic collaboration represents a unique opportunity for joint incubation, providing it with access to expertise across various domains, from research and development to business strategy.

The partnership with these esteemed organizations amplifies the potential impact, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and innovation. Berkeley RDI, known for its research-driven approach, along with the expertise from Blockchain At Berkeley, will undoubtedly contribute to the refinement of the Network’s decentralized data composability protocol.

From Foresight X to Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator

Its selection for UC Berkeley’s 2024 Blockchain Xcelerator follows its earlier accomplishment of advancing to the second phase of the Foresight X accelerator project. The dual recognition solidifies Glacier Network’s position as a trailblazer in the blockchain space, showcasing its dedication to pushing the boundaries of what decentralized technologies can achieve.

With a mission to create a composable, modular, and scalable Layer 2 data-driven network, Glacier Network is set to revolutionize the landscape of large-scale decentralized applications (DApps). The protocol’s emphasis on promoting trustless data primitives use cases based on decentralized databases (DDBs) positions it at the forefront of technological innovation within the blockchain realm.

Glacier network’s role in DApp evolution

At its core, Glacier Network envisions a future where decentralized applications (DApps) can thrive on a composable, modular, and scalable Layer 2 data-driven network. The protocol’s commitment to promoting trustless data primitives signifies a shift towards a more secure and transparent data ecosystem.

As the blockchain space continues to evolve, Glacier Network’s participation in UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator serves as a testament to the project’s potential impact on the broader industry. The collaboration with Berkeley’s esteemed partners further cements Glacier Network’s commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the stage for a promising future in the decentralized technology landscape.


Glacier Network’s selection for UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Xcelerator marks a pivotal moment in its journey, propelling the project into the spotlight of one of the world’s leading academic institutions. With collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, Glacier Network is well-positioned to shape the future of decentralized technologies and contribute to the broader ecosystem’s growth and maturation.

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