German lawmaker battles surveillance concerns with Bitcoin Advocacy


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  • Digital euro faces opposition due to surveillance concerns.
  • Joana Cotar champions Bitcoin as an alternative.
  • Privacy vs. control in EU’s digital currency plans

As the European Union forges ahead with its ambitious plans for the digital euro, it faces not only the challenges of technological implementation but also the resistance of individuals like Joana Cotar, who staunchly opposes the digital euro. Cotar’s concerns about surveillance, privacy infringement, and centralized control over financial transactions highlight the complexities and controversies surrounding the adoption of central bank digital currencies.

Despite the EU’s dedicated efforts to pave the way for the digital euro, public sentiment varies across member states. In Spain, a recent survey revealed a notable lack of interest, with 65% of respondents expressing disinterest in using the digital euro. Meanwhile, Slovakia took a legislative step to safeguard citizens’ right to use physical cash in the face of the impending digital currency. These disparities in public perception underscore the need for a nuanced approach to digital currency adoption within the EU.

German lawmaker opposes digital Euro advocates for Bitcoin

Joana Cotar, a prominent German parliament member, has emerged as a vocal opponent of the digital euro. She raises valid concerns about the potential consequences of this digital currency, including the risk of central banks setting arbitrary limits on payments and ownership. Cotar is particularly alarmed by the specter of extensive surveillance and monitoring that could accompany the digital euro, drawing parallels with the Chinese social credit system.

Cotar’s strong opposition to the digital euro is underpinned by her libertarian principles, which prioritize individual freedom and privacy. She vehemently rejects the idea of government authorities having the ability to spy on citizens’ private lives and potentially misuse their financial data. While the European Central Bank (ECB) has reassured the public that it has no interest in users’ personal data, Cotar remains skeptical, highlighting the need for ongoing scrutiny and awareness among lawmakers.

In stark contrast to her opposition to the digital euro, Joana Cotar is a passionate advocate for Bitcoin. She leads the “Bitcoin in the Bundestag” initiative, which is dedicated to educating members of the German Bundestag about the potential and risks associated with Bitcoin. Beyond education, Cotar envisions a broader role for Bitcoin in society, including the ability to pay taxes and fees with Bitcoin and the use of Bitcoin mining farms to stabilize the power grid.

While Cotar’s focus is primarily on Germany, she believes that her ideas and initiatives could serve as a model for other countries interested in embracing Bitcoin. She emphasizes the Importance of international cooperation to develop a standardized framework for Bitcoin and its cross-border use. Her vision for Bitcoin extends beyond national boundaries, highlighting the potential for global collaboration in shaping the future of digital currencies.

The European Central Bank’s digital Euro project

In a significant development, the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced its entry into the “preparation phase” for the digital euro project. This follows a comprehensive two-year investigation into the feasibility of an EU-wide digital currency. The ECB’s commitment to advancing the digital euro project underscores the EU’s dedication to digital innovation in the financial sector, even as opposition voices, such as Joana Cotar’s, continue to raise concerns.

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