French Montana inscribes song into Bitcoin blockchain, sets historic precedent


  • French Montana put his song “Bag Curious” into Bitcoin’s blockchain, a first for a mainstream artist.
  • “Bag Curious” took up a whole BTC block, showing French Montana’s new music-sharing method.
  • This marks Bitcoin as a place for artists to keep their work safe from censorship, boosting its role in digital content.

French Montana, the renowned artist with over 40 billion streams, has etched his name in the annals of music and cryptocurrency history by becoming the first mainstream artist to embed an entire song into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Breaking new ground in music and crypto

French Montana, recognized as the highest-streaming African-born artist, has set a new precedent in music and cryptocurrency. Through the Mac & Cheese 5 account on X (formerly Twitter), the announcement was made on March 14, unveiling “Bag Curious,” a hidden track from the Mac & Cheese 5 album, now permanently inscribed into the Bitcoin blockchain. This groundbreaking move marks French Montana as the pioneer in intertwining music and blockchain technology.

The Mac & Cheese 5 account detailed the process, emphasizing the significance of this development. An unreleased track by French Montana titled “Bag Curious” has been inscribed into Bitcoin, marking a historic moment in the music industry. The MP4 file of “Bag Curious” occupied an entire BTC block, showcasing the artist’s innovative approach to music distribution and solidifying its place in the world’s most secure decentralized system.

French Montana’s “Bag Curious” inscription into Bitcoin has been celebrated as the third-largest Ordinal inscription ever. The Ordinals protocol, notably used for financial transactions, now showcases its versatility in preserving digital content. The collaboration with Ord.io played a pivotal role in the project’s success, transforming the minting process into an innovative venture that captivated both the artist and the community.

The community’s enthusiasm and anticipation were palpable ahead of the release, evident in the overwhelming response on social media platforms. The Mac & Cheese 5 account expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort with Ord.io, highlighting the platform’s role in making the minting process exciting and transformative. French Montana’s collaboration with Ord.io showcases his innovative spirit and solidifies Ordinals as a viable platform for artists seeking immutable and censorship-resistant methods to share their work.

Embracing the future of digital content ownership

As Bitcoin continues to evolve and intersect with various industries, French Montana’s historic “Bag Curious” inscription into the Bitcoin blockchain signifies a significant step forward in exploring new frontiers of digital content ownership and distribution. The groundbreaking nature of this achievement underscores French Montana’s commitment to innovation and pioneering role in shaping the future of music distribution in the digital age.

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