Flexa expanding into Canada with 7500 retail stores

flexa expanding into canada

Glad tidings for Canadians since Flexa expanding into Canada where around seventy-five hundred (7500) retailers and stores are ready to exchange their goods and services for getting paid in cryptocurrencies.

A new payments network – Flexa has made the acceptance and processing of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments easier than ever for retail merchants.

Through this new payment network, that is built using cryptocurrencies, Canadians buyers and sellers would come closer because it preserves identity, cuts processing costs, and eliminates fraud. It will allow Canadians to pay in digital currencies in physical retail stores.

Having an intermediary role for all payments, Flexa Network Protocol makes the payment to the retailer in cash after which it starts deducting the paid amount from cryptocurrency wallet you own, which is relatively a slower process. Therefore, Flexa expanding into Canada is a much-anticipated move.

Since cryptocurrencies are volatile and prone to minute-to-minute fluctuations, retailers often are a bit skeptic of getting paid in digital currencies. But Flexa offers a solution to this since Flexa has stricken a deal with Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coin Square to support its position across the entire country.

Flexa expanding into Canada

After the remarkable success of Flexa in the U.S., the company, conforming to the demands for a “digital currency payment network” by Canadians has started this initiative in Canada.

Arriving in Canada is the company’s first venture of expanding outside the U.S. Customers, through Flexa will be able to pay in several digital currencies including Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin, Gemini dollar, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

This process is expected to commence in September this year. Hopes are high that Canadians would welcome this initiative warmly.

Flexa has a SPEDN app which allows Canadians who are visiting the U.S. to make digital payments at various U.S.-based big retailers, like that of Starbucks.

Ahmad Asghar

Ahmad Asghar

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