What’s the Fake News and AI Battle in the 2024 Election?


  • Springfield and tech companies are teaming up to stop fake news affecting the 2024 election. 
  • They’re adding marks to AI-made videos to show they’re not real. 
  • A new law might also limit how AI can be used to keep elections fair.

As the race for the 2024 election heats up, concerns over online fake news are rising. In a bid to protect voters, Springfield is taking action against misleading content. With AI tech growing fast, the fear is that fake videos could confuse voters. 

Tech giants unite against fake news

Leaders in the tech world, including giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, TikTok, and OpenAI, are joining forces. The goal is to make it easier for users to spot fake content. They’re adding special markers to AI-created images and videos, much like digital watermarks. This initiative aims to cut down on the spread of false political content.

Legislation in the works

Springfield is also moving to put legal guardrails around AI technology. A new bill up for discussion aims to regulate how AI can be used, especially with the November elections in mind. The fast pace at which AI can create realistic fakes is alarming. It’s not just a tech issue; it’s a matter of securing fair elections. The legislation, if passed, could set a precedent for how other states tackle this challenge.

Deepfakes, or manipulated audio and visual content are significant threats. They can make it seem like public figures are saying or doing things they never did. This could mislead voters and skew election outcomes. The Public Citizen Democracy Campaign and the World Economic Forum have both flagged AI-driven election interference as a critical concern for 2024.

With 38 states considering similar laws, the fight against AI-generated fakes is gaining momentum. As the US moves closer to the election, it’s clear that the battle against misinformation is not just about technology. It’s about preserving the integrity of the democratic processes.

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