Explained: FIFA world cup 2022’s impact on the crypto ecosystem

Fifa world cup 2022s impact on the crypto ecosystem

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  • Fifa World Cup to boost crypto acceptance across the globe.
  • Crypto.com among the Fifa World Cup 2022 sponsors. 
  • Crypto adoptions to rise after the world’s greatest sporting event.

All over the world, football fans are eagerly waiting for the commencement of the Fifa World Cup. The sporting event which lasts for about a month will feature several sponsorships from different industries. Among the primary sponsors of the World Cup will be Crypto.com, a crypto exchange platform. 

Crypto experts believe that the Crypto.com advertisements during the World Cup will positively affect the crypto industry, by increasing overall awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Fifa 2022 World Cup chose Crypto.com as one of its main sponsors for the upcoming event this month. 

According to the estimated figures, the main sponsors of the World Cup event could get up to 5 billion in viewership over the tournament period. The tournament gets a lot of sponsorship and promotional deals through having arena naming rights and commercials. The involvement of Crypto.com will certainly ensure the crypto space gains more attention from more than half of the entire world’s population. Such levels of awareness can undoubtedly increase crypto adoption across the globe, which will benefit the entire crypto ecosystem. 

The impact of Fifa World Cup sponsorship on the crypto ecosystem.

A great marketing campaign is extremely important for mass crypto adoption. The World Cup is one of the biggest arenas that marketers use to drive their brands and product awareness. In the previous World Cup in Russia, the event led to an increase in cryptocurrency adoption within the country.

Following the current situation involving Russia and Ukraine, the former World Cup host has experienced several sanctions that have somewhat isolated the country both financially and economically. The sanctions imposed on Russia due to the Ukraine invasion have led to a dramatic increase in cryptocurrency adoption to circumvent international monetary and fiat regulations. 

Currently, the crypto adoption in this month’s World Cup host, Qatar has begun to increase significantly because of the speculations of the event. The Middle East has continued to increase its adoption of cryptocurrencies. Countries like UAE are some of the most influential pro-crypto countries within the gulf region. 

The cryptocurrency space has been growing since the introduction of Bitcoin. The freedom and liberation envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto still live on, as the revolution continues. The World Cup will be instrumental in bringing crypto to the people, through Crypto.com’s sponsorship. The Crypto.com platform has run several advertisement campaigns since its launch which has not only benefited the exchange platform itself but also the entire crypto exchange. 

As the World eagerly awaits the historic football tournament, the has been a surge in sport-related cryptocurrency tokens. For instance, the Chilliz cryptocurrency, which is the native cryptocurrency for the Socios.com platform has recorded significant price increases in recent years. The Socios.com platform is massively associated with football franchises across the world. Ahead of the 2022 Fifa World Cup, many crypto experts are speculating about an increase in the value of several cryptocurrencies due to increased awareness created during the campaigns.

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