Exosuit Brings New Hope to Mobility-Impaired People


  • The Wyss Synapsuit is a new exosuit that uses AI to help people with spinal cord injuries or strokes move again. 
  • It reads brain signals through special electrodes and translates them into muscle movements. 
  • This technology promises to improve mobility and quality of life for those with severe motor disabilities.

In a time when tech is making dreams possible, an awesome new exosuit called the Wyss Synapsuit is here to change the game for people who have trouble moving around. This cool exosuit uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to help people with spinal cord injuries or those who have had strokes move again. It’s like mixing smart tech with smart design to create something that can really help people walk or move their arms better, giving them a chance at a better life.

Neuro-AI decoder

At the heart of the Wyss Synapsuit is this super cool feature called the Neuro-AI decoder. It’s a smart AI program created by experts at the Wyss Center who figured out how to read complicated brain signals as they happen. This is super tricky because these signals can be all over the place, especially when you’re trying to catch them without wires. The fact that this decoder can understand these signals, even when they’re not perfect, is a huge deal.

Making the Synapsuit wasn’t a one-person job. It took a bunch of experts from different parts of the world, like the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Neurosoft Bioelectronics, and some top brains from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and Lausanne University Hospital, all working together. This team effort shows just how mixing brain science, AI, and tech can lead to awesome stuff.

Bridging thought to motion via an exosuit

The Synapsuit uses these tiny, bendy electrodes to pick up on what your brain is thinking about moving. These electrodes are super tiny, like less than 1mm small, and they sit on your brain to send signals to the decoder. The decoder then figures out these signals and tells the exosuit what to do, like moving your arm or hand. This triggers the muscles to move in the way you were thinking, making it different from other robot arms or suits.

What’s really cool about the Synapsuit is not just that it helps you move but also maintain posture without inducing muscle fatigue. It has an electrostatic clutch (ES-clutch) material that helps you stay in position easily. So, if you want to move your arm, you just think it, and the exosuit does the work to move and then relax your muscles.

The future of neuro-rehabilitation

The Synapsuit represents a quantum leap in neuro-rehabilitation. It’s not just about helping you move right now; it’s also about speeding up the recovery process for people with movement problems. This exosuit is opening doors to a new world of medical care for those who have trouble moving.

Bringing in the Wyss Synapsuit is a big moment, showing us how AI can really change lives. It’s all about turning brainwaves into actual movements, which is a big deal for people who have trouble moving because of injuries or strokes. As tech keeps getting better, the Synapsuit is a sign of hope and moving forward. It’s making people think about a future where no challenge is too big to overcome.

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