European investors can still hop on the spot Bitcoin ETF wagon


  • The U.S. has launched 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs this year, accumulating $48 billion in assets.
  • Europe has only one spot Bitcoin ETF, not open to retail investors, due to regulatory restrictions.
  • European investors have access to $12 billion in crypto-related products through ETCs and ETNs.

For those of you in Europe eyeing the Bitcoin bonanza, rubbing your hands with glee at the thought of getting in on the action, here’s the deal:- Turns out you’re not late to the party. Not even by a long shot. This year, the U.S. approved the very first spot Bitcoin ETFs. That’s right. The real McCoy, holding actual Bitcoins rather than just betting on their future prices. BlackRock, Fidelity, WisdomTree, and VanEck didn’t waste any time launching all eleven of these bad boys, getting a cool $48 billion in assets.

Now, Europe might seem a step behind, with its single spot Bitcoin ETF sitting pretty in Guernsey, not mingling with the retail crowd because of those pesky regulatory hoops. But don’t let that fool you, boys! Europe’s got its own game with crypto-related products, to the tune of $12 billion in assets. These aren’t your garden-variety funds, but they’re making it work in their own way, through exchange traded commodities and notes. And they’re opening up to literally everyone, giving retail investors a slice of the pie.

Digging into the Details

While the U.S. market for spot Bitcoin ETFs is blossoming, Europe’s approach has been more, let’s say, cautious. The Jacobi Asset Management’s ETF is the lone ranger riding through the continent, directly investing in Bitcoin. It’s an exclusive party, not for the general public, thanks to the regulatory labyrinth. Yet, this hasn’t stopped European asset managers from crafting their own versions of crypto investments. They’ve been at it for half a decade, putting together products that have now ballooned to $12 billion in assets. .

The whole shebang of trading these European products might sound a bit technical, but here’s the lowdown: they do it through in-kind transactions. This essentially means swapping assets for shares directly, a neat trick that keeps things efficient, especially with assets like Bitcoin. This can give investors a leg up in terms of costs and returns, which are not something you’d want to gloss over.

Challenges and Opportunities

Now, don’t think for a second that selling these crypto products is a walk in the park. Every country has its own rulebook, throwing curveballs at asset managers trying to spread the crypto gospel. Places like the UK and Belgium can be tough nuts to crack. And don’t even get me started on the U.S. clientele or venturing into the untamed wilds of Asia and the Middle East markets. Yet, despite these problems, the interest in crypto-related ETPs in Europe has surged, with assets quadrupling since 2022.

But here’s a nugget of wisdom from the European Central Bank: Calm down a little, and step back. They’re not entirely sold on Bitcoin as the next best thing since deodorants for payments or investments. While the U.S. might be diving headfirst into the crypto pool, Europe’s regulators are still dipping their toes, deciding whether they actually want to get in.

So, what’s the takeaway for you eager investors on this side of the Atlantic? The crypto train hasn’t left the station, guys. Europe is simply just playing a different tune, but the opportunities to jump on the Bitcoin ETF wagon are out there, wrapped in different packages.

Go get em!

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