Ethereum price target adjusted to $5.4k for the first quarter of 2024


  • Ethereum’s price is predicted to hit $5,400 in 2024, based on the Mayer multiple oscillator.
  • The price could surpass $5,400 if Ethereum reaches the oversold condition, according to Bitfinex analysts.
  • Ethereum is currently over $3,500, about 27% away from its all-time high.

Alright, guys, gather around because the crypto market is humming again, and this time, it’s because of the diva Ethereum. The second-largest cryptocurrency’s price target for the first quarter of the year is now set to hit $5,400. So let’s dive deep into the crypto kitchen and see what’s cooking.

A Glimpse Into the Crystal Ball

So, what’s fueling this ambitious price prediction? It’s not just wishful thinking or a random shot in the dark. Traders and crypto enthusiasts, get your notebooks out because we’re talking about the Mayer multiple oscillator. For those scratching their heads, this nifty tool compares Ethereum’s current price with its 200-day moving average. Now, I’m no psychic, but according to the sharp minds over at CryptoQuant, courtesy of a certain Binhdangg, this indicator is hinting at Ethereum doing more than just breaking past the $5,400 mark literally any day now.

Bitfinex analysts are also jumping into the conversation, hinting that Ethereum might just flirt with the oversold condition. They’re talking about a cyclical dance between overbought and oversold bands, suggesting that Ethereum’s price could rocket way beyond our modest $5,400 prediction. Now, before you start calculating your potential gains, remember, this is a high-risk scenario. Cryptocurrency is as predictable as the weather in London – take it as you will.

Currently, Ethereum’s value is comfortably above the $3,500 mark. Considering its all-time high was nearly $4,891 back in November 2021, Ethereum isn’t exactly impressing anyone all that much right now. Not like Bitcoin, who broke not one, but two all-time highs. But what is truly jaw-dropping is the shift in market sentiment with Ethereum. Just a month ago, 45% of market participants were optimistic about it revisiting its glory days. Fast forward to now, and that number has ballooned to over 62%. Thanks, Polymarket, for the stats!

Beneath the Surface

But come on, guys. Of course Ethereum isn’t just banking on technical indicators for its moonshot. There’s serious work being done under the hood. The famous Dencun upgrade is adding some much-needed muscle to the ETH/BTC pair, potentially pushing Ethereum’s value to unbelievable heights. Bitfinex’s number crunchers are throwing around numbers like $5,900, assuming Lady Bitcoin decides to play nice and hike up her market price too.

The crypto community is anxiously waiting for the potential approval of a spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF). If you think Bitcoin ETFs made waves, just wait for Ethereum’s turn in the spotlight. Yet, as always, there’s a catch. The SEC is once again playing hard to get, pushing back decisions. It’s actually getting kinda boring.

In the meantime, Ethereum’s not just twiddling its thumbs. Developers are on a mission to pump up the blockchain‘s gas limit from 30 million to a massive 40 million. Why? To slash those pesky transaction fees on layer 1, making Ethereum not just faster but cheaper. If you’ve ever groaned at the cost of a transaction, this is music to your ears. The #pumpthegas movement is gaining steam, with core developers and the community rallying for change.

Now, for the skeptics out there thinking, “What’s the big deal?” – this isn’t just about making transactions smoother. It’s a testament to Ethereum’s relentless pursuit of improvement, constantly tweaking and tuning to stay at the forefront of blockchain revolution. So, strap in, stay informed, and maybe, just maybe, Ethereum will surprise us all.

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