Eidos Montreal Announces Layoffs and Cancellation of New Deus Ex Game


  • Eidos Montreal announces layoffs and cancels new Deus Ex game due to industry challenges and Embracer Group’s restructuring.
  • Nearly 100 employees affected by Eidos Montreal’s layoffs, highlighting the ongoing impact of industry changes.
  • Fans disappointed as a highly anticipated Deus Ex game, in development for two years, faces cancellation amid studio turmoil.

Eidos Montreal, a subsidiary of the Embracer Group, has confirmed the layoff of approximately 97 employees as part of a comprehensive restructuring effort. Alongside this unfortunate development, the studio has also announced the cancellation of a highly anticipated new Deus Ex game that had been in development for two years. These changes come as a result of the global economic context and the challenges faced by the gaming industry.

Layoffs impacting 97 employees

In an official statement released by Eidos Montreal, the studio acknowledged the challenging circumstances that have led to the layoffs. The affected employees come from various departments, including development, administration, and support teams. The decision to reduce the workforce was attributed to a combination of factors, including the global economic situation and Embracer Group’s ongoing restructuring initiatives.

The studio expressed its regret over having to make these difficult decisions and emphasized its commitment to providing support to the affected employees during this challenging transition. Eidos Montreal stated, “We deeply appreciate the dedication and hard work of our employees, and we are committed to assisting them through this difficult time.”

Cancellation of new Deus ex title

Perhaps the most disheartening news for fans of the Deus Ex franchise is the cancellation of a new game that had been eagerly awaited. While the specific details of the canceled title remain somewhat unclear, it was known to have been in development for a substantial two-year period. 

The cancellation raises questions about the nature of the project. It remains uncertain whether this was the rumored co-op Deus Ex title that had been previously hinted at in May 2023. Notably, Elias Toufexis, who portrayed the iconic character Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, was not involved in the project.

This cancellation marks a significant setback for fans of the Deus Ex series, who had been looking forward to a new installment in the beloved cyberpunk universe.

Embracer group’s impact on Eidos and Crystal Dynamics

Embracer Group’s acquisition of Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics from Square Enix in 2022 has had far-reaching consequences for both studios. The ongoing restructuring efforts within Embracer Group have led to multiple layoffs and, in some cases, the complete closure of studios like Free Radical.

The impact of these measures on Eidos Montreal has been felt deeply, with nearly 100 employees facing layoffs and the cancellation of a high-profile game. While Embracer Group’s restructuring is aimed at optimizing its operations and resources, the toll it has taken on its subsidiary studios is undeniable.

The gaming industry’s volatile landscape, coupled with the global economic context, has forced Eidos Montreal to make the difficult decision to lay off nearly 100 employees and cancel a highly anticipated Deus Ex game. While the studio expresses its commitment to supporting the affected employees during this transition, the cancellation of the new Deus Ex title is undoubtedly a disappointment for fans of the franchise.

Embracer Group’s ongoing restructuring efforts continue to have wide-reaching effects on its subsidiary studios, including Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. The industry will be closely watching how these changes shape the future of these renowned gaming studios and their beloved franchises.

In the face of these challenges, the gaming community can only hope for brighter days ahead for Eidos Montreal and the Deus Ex series.

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