EA Shuts Down Battlefield Studio Amid Layoffs


  • EA shuts down Ridgeline Games, impacting Battlefield’s development and causing layoffs.
  • Marcus Lehto, former narrative director, criticizes EA and expresses concerns over industry layoffs.
  • Star Wars FPS from Respawn Entertainment was canceled as EA focused on major IPs.


In a significant move within the gaming industry, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the closure of Ridgeline Games, a studio heavily involved in developing the Battlefield franchise. The decision comes alongside EA’s broader restructuring effort, including layoffs affecting approximately 5% of its workforce.

Ridgeline Games, founded in 2021 and led by industry veteran Marcus Lehto, was a key player in developing narrative and character elements for the Battlefield series. However, following Lehto’s departure from the company last month, EA has decided to shut down Ridgeline Games, resulting in mass layoffs within the studio.

Impact on the Battlefield franchise

The closure of Ridgeline Games raises questions about the future of the Battlefield franchise and the direction of its upcoming titles. With Ridgeline’s involvement in narrative and character development for the series, its closure signals a significant shift in EA’s approach to the franchise’s creative direction.

EA’s decision to shut down Ridgeline Games is part of a larger wave of layoffs affecting the gaming industry. The publisher has confirmed that the restructuring will impact around 670 employees, representing approximately 5% of its workforce. This move reflects broader challenges gaming companies face amidst changing market dynamics and consumer demands.

Cancellation of Star Wars FPS

Alongside the closure of Ridgeline Games, EA has also announced the cancellation of a Star Wars first-person shooter (FPS) title developed by Respawn Entertainment. This decision comes as EA shifts its focus towards its most lucrative intellectual properties (IPs), emphasizing a strategic realignment of resources within the company.

Marcus Lehto, co-founder of Ridgeline Games and former narrative director at the studio, has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with EA and the circumstances surrounding his departure. In a recent post on social media platform X, Lehto expressed concerns about the impact of industry-wide layoffs on himself and his former team, citing a lack of positivity towards EA.

Ripple effect’s role

In the wake of Ridgeline Games’ closure, EA has announced that its projects will be folded into Ripple Effect, another studio under the EA umbrella. Danny Isaac and Darren White from Criterion will oversee the upcoming Battlefield game’s single-player content, signaling a reorganization of responsibilities within the company.

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