Do Kwon will remain detained in Montenegro

Do Kwon's bail terms officially accepted by Montenegro courtDo Kwon's bail terms officially accepted by Montenegro court

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  • Do Kwon, Terraform Labs co-founder, will remain in detention in Montenegro despite bail pay.
  • The High Court overruled the Basic Court’s decision to accept a bail of 400,000 euros ($428,000).
  • The High Court demands reevaluation of Kwon’s property value, postponing his possible release.
  • Kwon’s next hearing is scheduled for June 16, 2023.

Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, will continue to face detention in Montenegro, his bail notwithstanding. This decision arrives after a high-stakes game of legal chess, one that sees a fallen crypto titan still deep in the throes of the legal battle.

Kwon’s attorneys had initially found a glimmer of hope in securing his release on bail. However, a dramatic reversal has taken place, with the High Court stepping in to countermand the decision of the Basic Court of Podgorica.

Bail approved, then revoked

The Basic Court had initially accepted a bail of 400,000 euros ($428,000) from Kwon’s legal representatives. However, the Higher Court in Podgorica found that the lower court had not adequately appraised the value of Kwon’s property.

The judicial panel made a clear statement – any evaluation of property should be grounded in concrete evidence, not simply on the defendants’ declarations. Given this, the high court repealed the initial ruling, sparking a series of legal procedures that now see Kwon’s detention extended.

The High Court’s intervention implies that the court must reevaluate the case and the defense’s appeal for bail. The next hearing in this saga is slated for June 16, 2023, while the alleged forged documents from Belgium are still under scrutiny.

Just 14 months ago, Do Kwon’s situation was starkly different. The Stanford graduate, with his robust crypto empire, was seemingly at the zenith of his career.

Nonetheless, a series of catastrophic events and legal battles have dramatically altered his trajectory. From his arrest in March on the charges of document forgery, his crypto empire, boasting digital currencies TerraUSD and LUNA, saw a sudden collapse, completely wiping out his $40 billion fortune and the wealth of many of his followers.

Kwon, despite facing charges, managed to maintain a strong digital presence, consistently declaring his innocence on social media platforms.

However, his current predicament paints a different picture, one in which he has to navigate charges in Montenegro, the US, and South Korea. Each of these nations is actively seeking his extradition, setting the stage for potential legal battles spanning across continents.

Future uncertain for Do Kwon: An international legal labyrinth

Kwon’s case extends beyond the confines of Montenegro. With the potential threat of extradition to the US and South Korea, where he faces charges of criminal fraud, his legal journey might span several years.

Despite this, his existing resources have permitted him a relative degree of comfort in the form of house arrest rather than confinement within Montenegro’s infamous prisons.

However, lingering uncertainty remains over his eventual trial and the authorities’ capacity to monitor him. Kwon’s experience has turned into a modern-age fugitive tale, intricately woven within the world of cryptocurrency.

Even as he remains confined physically, he continues to appeal to his digital followers, leveraging his influence while attempting to discredit his detractors.

Amidst allegations of fraudulent activities and market manipulation, Kwon’s journey from a celebrated entrepreneur to a detained defendant serves as a critical point of reflection in the evolving narrative of cryptocurrency. Despite the legal battles ahead, one thing remains clear: Do Kwon’s saga is far from over.

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