Dive into the World of Turn-Based Strategy with Spread Out! Wargame


  • Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok, a PC game by Paul Lahmy, blends Wargames and chess, and Go for a strategic experience appealing to all players.
  • In Elendis, kingdoms battle every four years for mana, requiring strategic prowess in a narrative-rich setting.
  • With features like reinforcement points, diverse units, and four phases per turn, Spread Out! ensures dynamic gameplay where outmaneuvering opponents is key.

In a captivating blend of strategy, Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok has officially launched for PC, promising gamers an engaging experience that seamlessly combines elements of Wargames, Chess, and the venerable game of Go. Developed by Paul Lahmy and his dedicated team, the game offers both casual and competitive players a unique board game adventure that is easy to grasp yet strategically profound.

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok introduces a fresh and multiplayer amalgamation of Wargames, chess, and go. Players are thrust into the midst of the ongoing conflict between the esteemed kingdom of Tin Tallas and the mighty kingdom of Asgaärd, battling for control of the magical lands of Elendis. The objective is clear – dominate five out of the nine territories within the sacred battlefield. Unlike conventional games, luck takes a back seat in Spread Out!; here, victory hinges solely on strategic prowess, with no dice-rolling to influence the outcome.

A Tale of clashing kingdoms: The story behind spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok

In Spread Out!, the kingdoms of Tin Tallas and Asgaärd engage in ritualized warfare every four years for the coveted mana resources of Elendis. This magical region serves as a crucial source for the magicians and sorcerers of the rival kingdoms. The Guardians of Elendis allow these clashes to occur, with the condition that the warring parties resolve their disputes through ritualized battles. The victor is determined by controlling five of the nine areas within the sacred battlefield. Both kings, who astride mythical creatures like griffins and dragons, lead their personal guards into the fray, adding a fantastical element to the game’s narrative.

Features that Define Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok

Spread Out! boasts a set of features that distinguish it in the realm of strategy games:

  • Reinforcement Points: Players earn valuable reinforcement points by securing territories, adding a layer of resource management to the game.
  • Diverse Units: The game introduces four types of units, each with unique abilities – knights/boar-riders, magicians/sorcerers, griffins/dragons, and the Elf-king/the Ork-king. This diversity demands strategic thinking and adaptability from players.
  • Four Phases: Spread Out! unfolds in four distinct phases during each turn deployment, movement, combat, and reinforcement. This structured approach ensures a balanced and dynamic gameplay experience.

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok delivers a strategic Triumph

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok stands out as a strategic triumph, offering a fusion of Wargames, Chess, and Go in a multiplayer setting. The game’s simplicity in rules, coupled with the depth of strategic possibilities, makes it accessible to both casual and competitive players. The unique narrative backdrop of clashing kingdoms and mythical creatures adds an immersive layer to the gaming experience. Spread Out! is not just a game; it’s a journey into the magical lands of Elendis, where only the shrewdest strategist can emerge victorious. With no reliance on luck, Spread Out! ensures that every move and decision directly impact the outcome, providing a refreshing departure from chance-based gameplay.

Spread Out! Hold Naar’ Havok is now available on PC, inviting gamers to immerse themselves in a world where strategic brilliance reigns supreme. Will you lead your kingdom to victory, or will your opponent outmaneuver you on the Sacred Battleground? The fate of Elendis lies in your hands.

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