Deloitte Partners with Kilt Blockchain for Digital Shipping Logistics Solution

Deloitte Partners with Kilt Blockchain for Digital Shipping Logistics Solution

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  • Deloitte collaborates with Kilt blockchain for KYX – Know Your Client and Know Your Cargo. This innovative logistics system, using Polkadot-based Kilt, enhances transparency and security in client identity and cargo tracking.
  • Hapag-Lloyd leads by implementing KYX, securing 1.5 million containers with tracking devices. Vodafone follows, showcasing KYX’s versatility. This collaboration sets a new industry standard, using blockchain to redefine global logistics and supply-chain processes.

Deloitte, a prominent division of the “Big Four” accounting firms, has collaborated with the Polkadot-based Kilt blockchain to revolutionize logistics and supply-chain services within the shipping industry. The initiative aims to introduce a novel logistics service known as KYX, short for Know Your Client and Know Your Cargo. Hapag-Lloyd, a leading shipping giant, is set to be the inaugural adopter of Deloitte’s KYX system.

The Fusion of KYC and Know Your Cargo on the Kilt Network

The KYX system is ingeniously crafted by combining two critical processes: Know Your Client (KYC) and Know Your Cargo. KYC is a procedure designed to identify and verify the client’s identity, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. On the other hand, Know Your Cargo focuses on the verification and tracking of shipped goods. Deloitte’s KYX leverages the capabilities of the Kilt blockchain, offering a decentralized and open-source solution for the creation of blockchain-based services.

In a recent chat at the India Blockchain Week conference, Ingo Ruebe, the founder of the KILT Protocol, shed light on the pioneering collaboration. Ruebe highlighted that the use of decentralized and open-source solutions “Built on KILT” empowers entities to create blockchain-based services without the complexities of dealing with cryptocurrencies or requiring extensive blockchain expertise.

Hapag-Lloyd Takes the Lead in Implementing KYX

Hapag-Lloyd, a prominent player in the shipping industry, has taken the lead as the first company to implement Deloitte’s KYX system. The strategic partnership aims to enhance shipping logistics by bringing transparency and efficiency to the identification and tracking processes. Hapag-Lloyd is set to equip approximately 1.5 million containers with cutting-edge devices capable of real-time tracking. The technology ensures the security of shipments and provides evidence that containers have remained sealed during transit.

The implementation of KYX by Hapag-Lloyd marks a significant step towards modernizing and securing the global shipping supply chain. By utilizing the Kilt blockchain, Deloitte and Hapag-Lloyd are poised to set a new standard in the industry, offering a reliable and tamper-proof system for verifying both clients and cargo.

Vodafone to Follow Suit in Embracing KYX Technology

Following Hapag-Lloyd’s pioneering implementation, telecommunications giant Vodafone is next in line to adopt Deloitte’s KYX system. The expansion of KYX into the telecommunications sector signifies the versatility and applicability of the blockchain-based solution beyond shipping. As technology continues to intertwine various industries, the collaboration between Deloitte and Kilt blockchain is positioned to make a lasting impact on supply-chain services globally.

The integration of KYX by Vodafone underlines the scalability of the solution and its potential to revolutionize diverse sectors. By incorporating Know Your Client and Know Your Cargo principles, Vodafone aims to enhance its logistics and supply-chain processes, ensuring greater transparency and security in handling client information and cargo shipments.


Deloitte’s strategic partnership with the Kilt blockchain, manifested through the KYX system, is poised to reshape the landscape of logistics and supply-chain services. The successful implementation by industry leaders such as Hapag-Lloyd and the upcoming adoption by Vodafone underscore the transformative potential of blockchain technology in ensuring the integrity and security of client identities and cargo shipments. As the KYX system continues to gain momentum, it sets a precedent for the seamless integration of decentralized solutions into traditional industries, paving the way for a more transparent and efficient future in global logistics.

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