Rulematch Revolutionizes Crypto Trading with BTC & ETH Spot Launch

Rulematch Revolutionizes Crypto Trading with BTC & ETH Spot Launch

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  • Former Credit Suisse executive David Riegelnig has launched Rulematch, a crypto trading platform exclusively for banks and securities firms, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum spot trading against USD, aiming to attract traditional financial institutions to the digital asset market.
  • Rulematch sets itself apart with its institutional focus, leveraging Nasdaq’s technology for efficient and transparent trading, and offers a net settlement mechanism for enhanced capital efficiency, backed by $14 million from major investors like ConsenSys Mesh and Flow Traders.



In a move that is set to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency trading, David Riegelnig, a former executive of Credit Suisse, has launched a platform named Rulematch. The Zurich-based startup, under Riegelnig’s leadership, is bringing a new face to crypto trading by focusing exclusively on institutional clients such as banks and securities firms. The platform has made a notable entrance into the market by commencing spot trading for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) against the US dollar, a strategic step aligning with the increasing interest of traditional financial institutions in digital assets.

Rulematch’s launch is not merely an addition to the existing plethora of crypto trading platforms but represents a significant shift in the approach to digital asset trading. By catering specifically to institutional players outside the U.S., Rulematch is tapping into a market segment that has shown considerable enthusiasm for crypto investments. The platform distinguishes itself by operating purely as a trading venue, focusing on efficiently matching buy and sell orders, a model reminiscent of traditional financial market structures.

Rulematch’s institutional focus and expansion

With seven major banks and securities firms already engaged, including names like BBVA and DLT Finance, Rulematch’s entry into the market is backed by solid institutional interest and substantial financial support. The platform has secured $14 million in investments from influential entities such as ConsenSys Mesh, Flow Traders, and FiveT Fintech, underscoring its potential impact on the institutional crypto trading scene.

Riegelnig, in discussing the platform’s launch, highlighted the dynamic cryptocurrency markets in Europe, the UK, and select Asian countries, where some banks have already ventured into crypto trading. The observation reflects the platform’s strategic positioning to capitalize on these vibrant markets. Rulematch’s unique approach and focus on institutional-grade liquidity, provided by market makers like Flow Traders and Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist, are set to usher in a new era of sophistication and efficiency in crypto trading for banks and securities firms.

Technological advancements and regulatory considerations

Rulematch’s technological infrastructure is a cornerstone of its strategy to revolutionize institutional crypto trading. The platform utilizes Nasdaq’s advanced pre-trade risk, trading, and market surveillance technologies to ensure a transparent and robust trading environment. Its matching engine, located in two data centers in the Zurich metro area, boasts exceptional speed, offering execution times as low as 30 microseconds, a critical factor for institutional traders.

In addition to its technological prowess, Rulematch introduces a net settlement mechanism, significantly enhancing capital efficiency for traders. The system allows participants to trade with up to 75% less upfront liquidity compared to other trading venues, a considerable advantage in the dynamic crypto market. The feature, coupled with the platform’s focus on institutional-grade liquidity, positions Rulematch as a significant player in the institutional crypto trading landscape.

The timing of Rulematch’s launch is particularly noteworthy, given the growing regulatory challenges and market volatility in the U.S. crypto sector. As global investors seek stable and reliable platforms for digital asset trading, Rulematch’s innovative approach and strategic partnerships make it a compelling option. The convergence of traditional financial market practices with the burgeoning digital asset market through platforms like Rulematch marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading.


David Riegelnig’s Rulematch represents a major leap forward in the world of cryptocurrency trading, particularly for institutional players. With its exclusive focus on banks and securities firms, backed by advanced technological infrastructure and robust financial support, Rulematch is poised to reshape the digital asset trading landscape. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Rulematch’s innovative approach and strategic positioning herald a new chapter in the integration of traditional and digital financial markets, making it a key player to watch in the rapidly evolving world of institutional cryptocurrency trading.

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