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Crypto scammers hack Trump’s campaign website

  • President Trump’s campaign website hacked by crypto scammers
  • Hackers request donations in Monero

President Trump’s campaign website was recently hacked by crypto scammers who used the opportunity to request donations in a privacy crypto asset, Monero.

The hackers had the website under their control for half of an hour and disclosed that they had had enough of President Trump’s tendency to spread fake news. And during the attack, the website had seals of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

The hackers also alleged that they had gained access to classified information, which they claimed proved Trump’s government’s involvement in creating the coronavirus.

The crypto scammers went on to ask visitors of the website to vote on whether the “classified information” should be released to the general public. The method of voting involves sending Monero to a “yes” or “no” address.

The hackers further added that the votes’ results would determine whether or not the information would be released to the general public.

A spokesperson for President Trump’s re-election campaign made it known that the hackers did not gain access to any sensitive information and that the scammers were only bluffing. He further added that the campaign team had gained back the website, and everything on the website is now back to normal.

Crypto Scammers on the rise

Crypto scammers have significantly risen this year. Scams related to cryptocurrency saw an increase as different countries have reported how several scams and scammers now use Bitcoin and other crypto-assets to perpetrate their crimes.

The rise of these crypto scams has made some countries tighten the noose around the regulations guarding the use and acceptance of crypto assets within their country.

Recently, Spanish authorities arrested an alleged crypto scammer who defrauded over 100,000 people with his crypto company. He has been charged with money laundering and fraud.

This post was last modified on October 28, 2020 11:26 am

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