Crypto.IQ makes trading easier with IQ-Tradecraft

Crypto.IQ makes trading easier with IQ-Tradecraft that puts amateur traders at par with professionals.

Whenever a bull market occurred the people that got the most out of it were the ones with the most experience while amateurs were left in the dust. Seeing as the market is expecting another bullish rally to approach will the same thing happen again? No, if Crypto.IQ can help it.


Crypto.IQ was founded by Charlie Shrem, one of the pioneers of Bitcoin and related information. Charlie was among the earliest people to discover Bitcoin’s existence. Since then, Crypto.IQ’s mission has been to educate the masses about cryptocurrencies. Crypto.IQ hopes to help traders utilize that knowledge while interacting with the market and other traders.


Crypto.IQ has developed IQ-Tradecraft, the first Synchronized Execution Platform. This platform makes things so easy for beginner traders that they can trade on par with experts. The company’s track record gives them incredible credibility. The company achieved more than five times (500%) in net profit over the last 12 months despite facing the worst bear market in crypto history.

IQ-Tradecraft does not teach amateur traders about charts and market trends; instead, it allows users to “set it and forget it.” According to company CEO, the product enables amateurs to “piggyback” on seasoned crypto traders that have a successful track record.

These traders know when to enter markets and when to leave with a nice profit. Furthermore, they recognize when things are not favorable and exit the markets with little to no loss. These services were only available to accredited investors until IQ-Tradecraft appeared.

The client is always well-informed about his/her assets, and no decision is made without client approval. Hence all power remains with the client.

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