Crypto in India: Expectations from Budget 2023

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  • Indian Parliament is set to discuss the 2023 economic survey on 31 January.
  • The debate could also bring crypto in India into consideration.
  • There is a chance that the economic survey report might mention crypto.

Crypto in India has been one of the most debated topics because of the great turbulence it has seen over recent years. The decline of various major names and the devaluation of cryptocurrencies forced the Indian government to take some bold steps. One of these is the harsh crypto tax policy that was introduced in 2022. RBI didn’t express its trust in crypto and the result was a continuation of the harsh policies.  

Though the Indian administration has remained open to blockchain technology, there has been little openness to crypto transactions. There has been a continuation of the strong control of large-scale crypto transactions because of the various reservations of the Indian government. As of December 2022, the RBI head reaffirmed skepticism regarding crypto implementation.

Here is a brief overview of the expectations from Budget 2023 in India and whether they will be realized.

e-Rupee and other measures in India

India’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman encouraged professionals to explore blockchain technology. Her statement would have proved a boosting point for crypto in India but there has been little progress yet. Crypto in India saw a decline as the government imposed a 30% tax on all profits made from virtual digital assets.

The introduction of the e-Rupee would also have had positive impacts on crypto in India if it were based on the blockchain system. India conducted its experiment of its CBDC, which is the electronic version of the Indian rupee. Users have made successful use of the e-Rupee for the purchase of groceries and other daily needs.

The prospects of crypto in India might improve if consolidated steps are taken. There is a continuation of skepticism, in addition to fear created by the collapse of major companies. As the 2023 economic survey will be put to the table on 31 January, investors hope that it will bring them the good news.

Pre-budget expectations

The pre-budget expectations for crypto in India range from regulatory frameworks to tax rebates. Market investors wish for different changes but there is a possibility that some of these might turn into reality. Punit Agarwal, the founder of KoinX expressed hopes for a better and optimized tax regime for crypto in India. Punit is of the view that investors will see improvement in 2023.

He also expects TDS to be reduced for crypto transactions. The double taxes like TDS and 30% tax on gains have proved burdensome for investors of crypto in India. Dileep Seinberg is of the view that the budget announcement will shape crypto adoption in India. Taxation tweaks or announcements of new taxes might have repercussions.  

Crypto in India and its tax scenario

As Nirmala Sitharaman said in a recent statement that professionals should explore new technologies, it might be a start of a new era. She added that Web 3.0 is changing how financial information should be handled. It might be seen as a hint of the government’s acceptance of crypto and blockchain technology.

Crypto in India has seen traditional reasons like security and operational problems. But if the taxation is reduced and an optimized tax regime is introduced it will have a significant impact. As the Indian taxpayer is looking for a revision of taxes, there is a possibility that government will look into it.

Experts argue that like the rest of the world, crypto tax in India and other parts of the world is in its infancy. There is little chance of a sudden big change in capital gains tax cuts, but it will improve with time. Sumit Gupta is of the view that government might consider the removal or reduction of the 1% TDS rate.

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Indian authorities are set to discuss the 2023 economic survey on 31 January. The discussion might include various objects and crypto might be an inclusion. Experts are of the view that 2022 saw the introduction of crypto taxes and 2023 might bring changes to it. Hints from the Indian finance minister show that there is a chance that the government reconsiders the tax structure for crypto in India. 

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