Copper’s Sushi Event Sparks Controversy and Prompts Internal Review


  • Copper apologizes for an event where sushi was served on models’ bodies, acknowledging it didn’t align with their values.
  • The firm announces an internal review to reassess event approval processes and ensure future events reflect its corporate ethos.




In a recent turn of events that has stirred the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, Copper, a prominent crypto custody firm, has found itself at the center of controversy following a sushi event that has been widely criticized for its insensitivity and lack of judgment. The event, which involved serving sushi on the bodies of models clad in thin bodysuits, has led Copper to issue a public apology and announce the initiation of an internal review to reassess its event approval and sponsorship processes.

Public outcry and apology

The event, hosted at the luxurious Mandrake hotel in London, was intended to be an immersive experience that engaged all five senses, according to promotional materials. However, the execution, which involved the use of human bodies as serving platters for sushi, sparked immediate backlash from attendees and the wider public. Critics condemned the event as objectifying and demeaning, arguing that it did not align with the professional and ethical standards expected of corporate events, especially within the progressive tech and financial sectors.

In response to the growing criticism, Copper released a statement expressing regret over the incident. “We did not get this right,” the firm admitted, acknowledging the offense caused by certain aspects of the event. The statement emphasized that the controversial event did not reflect Copper’s corporate values, highlighting the company’s commitment to conducting an internal review. The review will focus on the processes for approving events and sponsorship arrangements, as well as evaluating the overall value and impact of such events on the company’s reputation and ethos.

Copper’s internal review and future measures

Copper’s decision to launch an internal review signifies a crucial step towards addressing the fallout from the event and preventing similar incidents in the future. The review aims to scrutinize the existing protocols for event approval and sponsorship, ensuring they align with the company’s values and the expectations of its clients and the broader community. Copper, chaired by former UK chancellor Lord Philip Hammond and founded in 2018, serves a sophisticated clientele, including hedge funds, trading houses, and institutional investors. Despite its prominence in the crypto custody space, the firm has yet to secure regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority, adding another layer of complexity to its operational challenges.

The firm also indicated that a third party had organized the controversial event, suggesting a possible oversight or misalignment in the vetting process for external partners and event organizers. The revelation underscores the importance of stringent due diligence and alignment of values when outsourcing event management, especially for events that are intended to represent the company and its brand.

Reflecting on corporate values and industry standards

The incident has sparked a broader discussion within the fintech and cryptocurrency industries about corporate responsibility, ethical standards, and the importance of aligning company actions with stated values. As companies in these sectors strive to innovate and push boundaries, the Copper sushi event serves as a reminder of the need for sensitivity, inclusivity, and respect in all aspects of corporate conduct.

Copper’s public apology and commitment to an internal review have been received as positive first steps towards rectification and accountability. However, the effectiveness of these measures will ultimately be judged by the firm’s ability to implement meaningful changes and ensure that future events and partnerships reflect its corporate values and respect for individuals.

The controversy also highlights the evolving expectations of corporate behavior, especially in industries that are at the forefront of technological and financial innovation. As companies navigate the complexities of growth, innovation, and public scrutiny, the Copper incident serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of ethical considerations and the potential repercussions of oversight or misjudgment in corporate events and sponsorships.


Copper’s experience with the sushi event debacle underscores the delicate balance between innovative event planning and the maintenance of ethical standards and corporate values. As the firm embarks on its internal review and seeks to rebuild its reputation, the broader industry will be watching closely, potentially taking cues on how to better align corporate actions with the values they profess to uphold.

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