COPA challenges Craig Wright’s claim to Bitcoin invention in landmark trial 


  • COPA accuses Craig Wright of forgery and perjury in a trial over the true identity of Bitcoin’s creator.
  • The alliance seeks injunctive relief to prevent Wright from claiming he is Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • The case could lead to potential perjury charges against Wright, impacting copyright and innovation disputes in the cryptocurrency sector.

The legal showdown between the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) and Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who claims to be Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is drawing to a close in London. Wright faces allegations of perjury and forgery in his efforts to substantiate his claim, which has been a point of contention within the cryptocurrency community.

Trial developments and accusations

COPA, representing major cryptocurrency firms including Coinbase, Block, and Kraken, has accused Wright of presenting forged documents and making false statements during the trial. Closing arguments, which began on March 12, highlighted the alliance’s stance that Wright is not the inventor of Bitcoin, based on evidence presented over the course of the proceedings. Jonathan Hough, counsel for COPA, described the evidence as conclusively demonstrating Wright’s lack of involvement in the creation of Bitcoin, referring to alleged forgeries and recent alterations to the Bitcoin white paper as key points of contention.

Wright’s legal battles have extended beyond this case, involving multiple lawsuits against Bitcoin developers and firms for copyright violations related to the Bitcoin white paper and blockchain technology. Wright’s assertion of being Nakamoto since 2016 has led to widespread debate and litigation, casting a shadow over his extensive portfolio of blockchain-related patents.

Court proceedings and future actions

As the trial approaches its conclusion, COPA seeks not only a verdict in their favor but also injunctive relief to prevent Wright from further asserting his claim to be Nakamoto or pursuing legal actions based on this premise. The alliance also plans to refer documents submitted by Wright to the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions for potential perjury charges. This case, initiated on Feb. 5, represents a critical juncture in the ongoing debate over the true identity of Bitcoin’s creator and the implications for copyright and innovation within the cryptocurrency industry.

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