Coinbase Wallet introduces new features to prevent NFT and crypto thefts

Coinbase wants to bring millions of users on-chain with launch of Wallet Quest

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Coinbase Wallet introduces new features.
  • With the new features, users will now be alerted of any flagged apps they encounter and provided with insights into the implications of taking certain actions.

Coinbase, a crypto firm, has just announced various enhancements to its Wallet app that will bolster safety and enhance the user experience. These features include transaction previews, token approval alerts, and an automatic blocklist of flagged dApps to protect users from malicious activities such as spam tokens and air-dropped assets.

With the introduction of transaction previews, Wallet users will have a detailed understanding of how smart contracts affect their wallet balances before confirmation. Additionally, token approval alerts can be received by users when dApps are attempting to access NFTs and cryptocurrencies from their wallets. If any suspicious activities are detected with flagged dApp interactions, warning signals will alert users before engaging in potentially hazardous scenarios like phishing attacks or draining funds from wallets, thus decreasing the chances of financial loss due to fraudulent practices.

Coinbase Product Manager Ayoola John declared in a blog post that the new features were initiated due to crypto transactions often being overwhelming and undetectable, making it easier for users to become susceptible to scammers taking advantage of them through phishing attacks, malicious airdrops, as well as other kinds of frauds.

In addition, Coinbase has revised its revoke features to enable customers to disconnect from dApps from the Wallet app. Furthermore, it supports users with various Web3 identities and multiple crypto wallets. Also, the browser extension provides up to 15 distinct Ledger addresses for individuals using the Wallet application.

In the wake of Kevin Rose’s $1 million NFTs theft due to phishing, Coinbase Wallet is taking extra steps to bolster its new features. Moreover, hackers have recently taken advantage of Twitter accounts belonging to Robinhood and Azuki Ethereum NFT collection for their malicious activities. To protect customers from such scams, Coinbase Wallet wants to be ahead of the curve with updated security measures that can combat cybercriminals’ methods.

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Damilola Lawrence

Damilola Lawrence

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