Coinbase and 401 (k) ForUsAll bring crypto to retirement portfolios

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TL;DR Breakdown

• ForUsAll joins Coinbase to create a promising crypto investment scheme.
• The investment firm should alert its clients about the cryptocurrencies volatility.

The cryptocurrency exchange and operator system Coinbase partners with ForUsAll to grant investments in retirement accounts. This partnership will allow ForUsAll users, medium and small employers, to offer the investment option to their employees. This alternative to save and earn money focuses on cryptocurrencies that the platform has been promoting for years.

The investment cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coinbase institutional will manage cryptocurrencies and all their commerce.

This is the first initiative, as announced by ForUsAll, which manages about $1.7 billion of assets. The company has over 70 thousand employees, although this is only a percentage compared to its possible increase in members. The retirement accounts that the company manages are around $22 billion.

Coinbase initiative comes at the best time


The initiative proposed by the Coinbase cryptocurrency portfolio comes at the best moment with the fame of virtual currencies. On the one hand, the government of El Salvador admits cryptocurrencies as a legal means of payment. But companies like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sanchs are offering crypto services.

Although 401 (K) does not allow cryptocurrencies to purchase, its scheme will change in the coming weeks. However, they have long offered investments in grayscale products that link to Bitcoin.

Are investments in retirement accounts risky?

Although the Coinbase proposal and ForUsAll sound promising, the client must evaluate the risks. David Ramírez, ForUsAll CEO, believes that allocating a part of the crypto portfolio can improve the returns you expect. It would be the best investment option because the cryptocurrency will passively acquire value.

However, the client must consider the crypto market volatility because they can lose their money. Bitcoin has lost over 40% of its value in recent weeks, and this is due to speculation by Elon Musk. China’s government restrictions have also affected the value of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was trading above $60,000, reaching its all-time high but then plummeting. The cryptocurrency is trading at $37,800.

Considering the rising and falling peaks in cryptocurrency, ForUsAll and Coinbase would alert their participants before investing. ForUsAll plans to create the “Alt 401 (K)” for investments that will cover 5% of your wallet. When this storage figure is exceeded, participants can no longer deposit the money.

The ForUsAll project will start in July and will have a payment rate of 0.5% for each transaction. In addition, an extra 0.5% will be charged for the cryptocurrency administration.

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