Chinese miners stealing oil well power through fish pond cables; police

On June 13, The Global Times reported that there are people in China, stealing oil power to strengthen their Bitcoin mining operations.

These people started laying cables through fish ponds for stealing oil well power. The police in China have documented proof for these acts.

The state-owned newspaper” The People’s Daily “backed these reports of The Global Times and helped in publishing this news.

The news came in the highlights when there was a case of stealing power from the oil production unit at Daqing Oil Field. This oil field is considered to be the largest in China, and after this case, the Green Grassland Police Station was alerted.

The police took immediate action and started the investigation process with the help of a drone. They investigated the area around two kilometers (2km).

They collected evidence to build a criminal case. The report of “The Global Times” does not reveal the details about the persons involved in this scenario, neither had they provided any information about the extent of electricity theft.

In the past, there was a case of similar nature occurred in Oct 2018, where a citizen was imprisoned for three and a half year for stealing power from the train station for mining tasks.

In Taiwan, a citizen who stole electricity for the mining of Bitcoin and ether of value above fourteen billion dollars ($14.5) was jailed. In the same way, some people were caught for stealing electricity for mining operations all over the globe.