China may use blockchain for an authoritarian state rule

china may use blockchain for authoritarian rule


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Unlike any social behavior, personal watch, and its applicability in modern society, China seizes to catch delusional world and imply it is in today’s world. Xi Jinping, president of China represents the fictitious character of unseen “Big Brother” into action by keeping a close look at what Chinese citizenry is doing. Blockchain in this regard helps in calculating scores – lesser indicates lower lifestyle, whereas more score means better or finest lifestyle.

Low scores are determined by buying too many things online, breaking laws, spreading fake news, excessive purchase of liquor, and what not. Chinese are either banned from taking trains to travel or fly internationally or domestically, they are provided with slower internet speed, taking the rights of studying in the best schools, and slaughtering the basic human rights are some penalties which Chinese are facing these days.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and don’t need a bank account; which is why it can’t be closed down. The Chinese government may introduce cryptocurrency and would ask people to invest even when they can’t do so. The result of not opening an account or investing will lead to deductions from salaries and children being taken away from good schooling.

To conclude, experts fear that by the end of 2020, the Chinese government will start using CCTV to read faces and scores. According to higher officials, this would help police to maintain social integrity. And all the while blockchain would be at the heart of these authoritarian government actions making it easier and more secure to implement.

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