China Cracks Down on Crypto-Enabled Geopolitical Data Leaks


  • The Chinese Ministry of National Security is cracking down on overseas map companies using cryptocurrency rewards to illicitly gather sensitive geopolitical data from Chinese users.
  • China is enforcing strict legal measures and enhancing national security protocols to prevent unauthorized data collection and protect the nation’s sovereignty in the digital age.




The Chinese Ministry of National Security (MNS) has issued a stark warning against a sophisticated scheme by overseas map companies designed to illicitly gather sensitive geopolitical data from Chinese users in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. 

The alarming trend poses a direct threat to national security, leveraging the allure of digital currencies to compromise critical infrastructural and military information.

Unveiling the scheme

The MNS recently revealed how foreign mapping entities are exploiting the crypto craze to conduct unauthorized data collection within China’s borders. By offering virtual currency as bait, these companies have been engaging individuals in tasks that, on the surface, seem harmless but are in reality geared towards gathering strategic information. It includes data on transportation networks, key infrastructure, and even military installations, all of which are of significant interest to foreign intelligence agencies and other entities.

The operation of these schemes involves the use of specialized tools that allow users to “check in” at various locations, unbeknownst to them that these actions contribute to a larger, more nefarious data collection effort. The MNS’s investigation into these activities has led to a broader awareness of the methods employed by these companies to cloak their intentions behind seemingly innocuous technology applications.

Legal and security implications

The Chinese government has responded to these revelations with a robust legal strategy, invoking several critical laws including the Counterespionage Law, Surveying and Mapping Law, and Data Security Law. These laws provide a framework for the prosecution and penalization of individuals and organizations found guilty of unauthorized surveying, mapping, and data collection activities.

Violations under these legal statutes can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines, imprisonment, and in the case of entities, potentially crippling sanctions such as the suspension of business operations or revocation of licenses. The goal of these penalties is not only to punish those directly involved in these schemes but also to deter similar activities by highlighting the severe repercussions of engaging in or facilitating unauthorized data collection.

China strengthening national security measures

In light of these developments, the China MNS has intensified its efforts to combat the illegal collection and export of sensitive map data. It includes enhanced surveillance and monitoring of digital transactions and data flows, as well as increased collaboration with other governmental departments to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the MNS has called for heightened public awareness and vigilance against such schemes, emphasizing the importance of national security and the role of every citizen in protecting the integrity of China’s geopolitical data. The message is clear: the misuse of technology and cryptocurrencies for unauthorized data collection will not be tolerated, and the government is prepared to take all necessary measures to safeguard the nation’s interests.


The recent crackdown by the China MNS on the crypto-driven data leak scheme marks a significant moment in the ongoing battle to protect national security in the digital age. By shining a light on the innovative yet illicit methods employed by overseas map companies, the Chinese government is sending a strong message about its commitment to defending its sovereign data.

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