Charles Hoskinson taken to school on Twitter: Yaroslav Belkin has the last laugh as dystopia hits ADA

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  • Critics take Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson to school as ADA fails on expectations
  • Network’s growth projections and adoption rate has the community worried
  • Reactions on Twitter include genuine criticism to outright hate pouring

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is facing the heat on Twitter as his year-old tweets have come under fire. Most of his Cardano predictions failed to live up to expectations and have caused widespread resentment both within the ADA community and crypto traders.

Twitter critics have lambasted his lofty ADA projections. He declared that 2021 would be a great year for Cardano as the network will expand greatly and support hundreds of new assets. His prediction regarding thousands of new DApps providing creative financial solutions has become a laughing stock. The tweets mentioned a booming Cardano community that will undergo massive innovation. Sadly, none of these projections have been proven true.

Instead, ADA has hit the wall. There’s sluggish network growth and stagnant adoption rate that is a worrying sign for the Cardano ecosystem. The community is waiting with bated breath for a rejuvenation that will reignite interest in a declining ADA.


The phrase ‘I told you so’ would be an understatement in Cardano’s current scenario.

Dull performance and sluggish growth – Charles Hoskinson the brunt of the community

Over the years, Cardano has built a massive community and fan base. Its claimed third-generation blockchain solutions aim to innovate the blockchain landscape. Naturally, expectations were high from Cardano. But Charles Hoskinson’s 2020 tweets raised the bar even higher.

Alas, most of the predictions have downright failed.

The disappointment of fans poured on Twitter where users were lambasting the ADA founder’s year old tweet. Holding a mirror to Charles Hoskinson, the users highlighted how almost every prediction has fallen flat on its face.


Yaroslav Belkin is CEO and founder of Belkin Marketing, a forward-thinking crypto firm. His views on ICOBench Expert are acclaimed for having a no holds barred approach.

Yaroslav Belkin pointed out ADA flaws and lofty projections earlier in his comments. He shared his views on how Cardano founder’s comments are over the top and not feasible.

The dull transaction turnover of ADA network was criticized heavily. A user commented how ADA transaction turnover is peanuts compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum despite Cardano having billion dollar valuations.

Battle wages on: ADA fans and critics slug it out on Twitter

There are tweets where people have claimed that the ADA network hosts not even one Dapp. The much delayed smart contract feature is still languishing in testing phase. The ADA Alonzo upgrade due in August is another burning issue that many users pointed.

The ambitious tweets of Charles Hoskinson has started a war between ADA fans and critics on social media. The under performance of Cardano has disappointed its fans but they still defend the coin. Some have responded to the volley of hate by highlighting the minor successes of ADA in the past year.

The Twitter battle isn’t cooling down anytime soon as ADA network remains under scrutiny. For now, all eyes are on Charles Hoskinson who is under pressure to bring at least a few of his year-old projections to fruition.

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