Centralized crypto exchanges are recovering strongly post-FTX crash


  • Crypto exchange tokens, including Binance’s BNB, have recovered strongly from the FTX crash, with BNB gaining 32% since November 2022.
  • Despite regulatory challenges, including a $4.3 billion DOJ settlement and an ongoing SEC lawsuit, Binance’s token has surpassed previous highs.
  • Other exchange tokens like OKX’s OKB and Bitget’s BGB have also seen significant gains, with OKB recovering from a flash crash and BGB reaching all-time highs.

The cryptocurrency industry is no stranger to the dramatic ups and downs that could give even the most seasoned thrill-seeker a run for their money. Yet, despite the catastrophic implosion of FTX that sent shockwaves through the crypto universe, it appears that centralized crypto exchanges have not only weathered the storm but are also making a formidable comeback. The resilience of these platforms is evident in the remarkable recovery and new peaks reached by their native tokens, signaling not just a rebound but a strong vote of confidence from the market.

Rising From the Ashes

In the wake of FTX’s collapse, the crypto industry was riddled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Binance, the behemoth of crypto exchanges, saw its native token BNB plummet alongside the market’s morale. However, the token has since executed a stunning reversal, climbing 32% from the depths of November 2022 and even surpassing its previous highs. This recovery came despite the shadow of investigations by heavyweight regulatory bodies like the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Binance’s settlement with the DOJ to the tune of $4.3 billion and the ongoing SEC lawsuit did little to dampen the spirits of BNB holders, proving that in the crypto market, resilience is key.

Crypto exchange tokens serve as the lifeblood of their respective ecosystems, offering users myriad benefits from reduced trading fees to governance rights. The tokens represent more than just a stake in their platforms; they are a bet on the future of decentralized finance itself. OKX’s native token OKB and Bitget’s BGB are prime examples of this phenomenon, boasting gains that would make traditional investors green with envy. OKB’s recovery from a hair-raising flash crash and BGB’s rally to all-time highs highlights the vibrant dynamism inherent in the crypto market.

A Tale of Two Tokens

The contrast between the soaring success of BNB, OKB, and BGB and the dismal decline of FTX’s FTT token could not be starker. FTT’s value has nosedived, losing over 90% of its worth, a stark reminder of the risks lurking in the volatile crypto markets. FTX’s saga is a cautionary tale, with the exchange’s bankruptcy unveiling a web of deceit and mismanagement that left the crypto community reeling. Despite the grim outlook for FTX, the legal drama continues to unfold, with a lawsuit accusing Sullivan & Cromwell, a law firm associated with FTX, of complicity in the exchange’s fraudulent activities.

The recovery of centralized crypto exchanges in the post-FTX debacle is a testament to the sector’s durability and the enduring faith of its participants. The rebound of exchange tokens signals a broader trend of resilience amid regulatory scrutiny and market turbulence.

In the grand scheme of things, the crypto market’s ability to bounce back from the FTX debacle with such vigor is a clear indication of its maturation and adaptability. Centralized exchanges, once viewed with skepticism for their potential to centralize power in a space that values decentralization, have proven their worth as pillars of stability in times of chaos.

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