Celsius rocks crypto: $800M Ether staking increases Ethereum validator queue to 44 days


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  • Celsius reveals plans to stake $800 million worth of ETH
  • Celsius is redistributing its staked ETH after Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade allowed withdrawals from staking contracts.
  • Celsius is rearranging staked assets after declaring bankruptcy. The company had cash challenges due to falling crypto values and user withdrawals.

Celsius, a renowned crypto lending platform, recently revealed that it plans to stake $800 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) tokens. This is a big deal in the crypto world and has gotten much attention. This significant investment shows how committed Celsius is to the Ethereum network and how vital the Ethereum staking environment is to Celsius.

Celsius’ $800M ETH staking

After the Shanghai update to Ethereum allowed withdrawals from staking contracts, Celsius is redistributing its staked ETH. Tom Wan of 21Shares claims that the strategy reshuffle has increased wait times to 44 days and that the introduction of Celsius might add another week to that.

The line was lengthened further by Celsius’ latest stake deposits. According to the Ethereum monitoring website Wenmerge, the estimated time to clear the queue is now 44 days and one hour.

If all 428,000 Celsius tokens are staked, the ready time will increase by six days and fifteen hours to 45 days, as predicted by Wan on Thursday.

After Lido Finance, the market leader in liquid staking, returned $813 million in claimed ETH, the company worked tirelessly for two days to transfer ETH into staking contracts. Using data from Arkham Intelligence, we can see that the entity has spent nearly $745 million on ETH since June 1.

The deals are the most recent step in the lender’s strategy to rebalance its staked ETH holdings following Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, which allowed withdrawals from staking contracts in April. A total of 460,000 ETH, worth about $870 million at current prices, were staked by the exchange using the liquid staking platform Lido Finance, and another 160,000 tokens, worth approximately $300 million at current prices, were deployed in Celsius’s staking pool.

After experiencing liquidity challenges due to a drop in bitcoin prices and a flood of customer withdrawals, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in July, prompting the transfers.

Last Monday, the U.S. bankruptcy court sold the lender’s assets at auction to Fahrenheit, an investment group funded by Arrington Capital. The group will assume the lender’s institutional loan portfolio, staked crypto, and crypto mining equipment.

Celsius is now a major player in the Ethereum staking market. The platform’s willingness to invest so much money shows its faith in Ethereum’s potential and its determination to foster the expansion and protection of the network.

Furthermore, Celsius’s significant contribution helps allay worries about the scarcity of ETH for staking, a problem that has persisted as Ethereum’s fame and demand grow.

The bankrupt crypto lender case

The reorganization of staked assets is part of the entity’s ongoing attempts to restructure after it filed for bankruptcy in July. Due to the falling prices of cryptos and a rise in customer withdrawals, the company needed help keeping enough cash on hand.

The U.S. bankruptcy court recently sold the exchange to Fahrenheit to an investment group backed by Arrington Capital. This group will take over the lender’s assets, which include institutional loan portfolios, claimed cryptos, and crypto mining units.

The auction to sell Celsius Network’s assets to the crypto consortium Fahrenheit LLC was finalized on May 25, and the company made the announcement that day.

Arkham’s research shows that even after these exchanges, Celsius’ wallets still contain almost $109 million in ETH. Unfortunately, this staking activity has further stressed the increasing demand for validators on the Ethereum network since the activation of the Shanghai upgrades on April 12.

According to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, setting up validators has increased to one month as deposits have outpaced withdrawals by roughly $5.5 billion.

Celsius’s $800 million ETH staking campaign lengthens the Ethereum staking queue and elevates the platform’s critical position within the Ethereum ecosystem. This boosts faith in Ethereum’s long-term viability and makes it possible for more people to participate in staking and get rewards.

Putting up such a large sum of money demonstrates Celsius’s dedication to the network’s development and security and highlights the potential of cryptos as a significant asset class. Many people in the crypto world are waiting to see how Celsius’ investment will affect the future of Ethereum’s staking ecosystem.

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