California Leads in Responsible AI Procurement Overhaul


  • California is reforming AI procurement to be fair and clear, using its big buying power to push good changes in the industry.
  • The GovAI Coalition, led by San José, is making templates like the AI FactSheet and contracts to ensure vendors share key AI system details, promoting accountability.
  • California is shaping global AI markets by setting rules for vendors pushing for ethical AI practices that help everyone.

California spearheads a transformative overhaul of public procurement processes in a groundbreaking move towards responsible AI governance. With an annual budget of $310.8 billion allocated to procurement, the state recognizes the immense potential of leveraging its buying power to shape AI markets to benefit the public good.

Subnational innovation drives change

California, renowned for its progressive stance on technology regulation, has emerged as a hub of subnational innovation in AI governance. The state’s executive order on AI directs various agencies and centers to reform public sector procurement, emphasizing considerations of uses, risks, and necessary training to improve AI purchasing practices.

Central to this movement is the GovAI Coalition, spearheaded by the city of San José and comprising over 150 local, county, and state agencies. This collaborative effort aims to pioneer innovative processes for responsible AI procurement in the public sector. The Coalition’s recent release of policy templates, including the AI FactSheet and standard contractual clauses for AI systems, marks a significant step towards promoting transparency and accountability in AI procurement.

Promoting transparency and accountability

The AI FactSheet, designed to be completed by vendors during the procurement process, is a standardized document capturing technical details about AI systems. This includes crucial information such as training and testing data, performance metrics, and algorithmic bias. By providing agencies with comprehensive insights into the capabilities and limitations of AI systems, the FactSheet enables informed decision-making and promotes vendor accountability.

To formalize responsible AI standards, the GovAI Coalition has introduced standard contractual clauses that outline requirements for vendors. These clauses act as legal addendums to purchasing agreements, mandating vendors to adhere to specified standards and provide transparency regarding AI systems’ capabilities and biases. By holding vendors accountable through contractual obligations, public agencies can ensure the ethical deployment of AI technologies.

California’s procurement overhaul sends ripples across AI markets, incentivizing companies to align their products with common standards across jurisdictions. With state and local agencies comprising a significant customer base for AI firms, the pressure to meet procurement specifications set by these entities drives a shift towards greater transparency and accountability in the development and sale of AI systems.

A global influence

While California’s initiatives primarily focus on the subnational level, their impact transcends geographical boundaries. In the absence of clear national guidelines, the standards imposed by California can become de facto national or even global benchmarks. This is especially significant given the state’s substantial purchasing power and role as a trendsetter in technology regulation.

As California leads the charge in redefining the landscape of AI procurement, the focus shifts towards fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical considerations in deploying AI technologies. With innovative measures such as the AI FactSheet and standard contractual clauses, the state sets a precedent for responsible AI governance, paving the way for a future where technology serves the public good while upholding ethical standards.

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