Botev Plovdiv FC steps into the future with Bitcoin payments

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  • Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s oldest football club, adopts Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments.
  • Fans can use Bitcoin for transactions at fan shops and during Parva Liga matches.
  • The club’s president, Anton Zingarevich, envisions Bitcoin becoming as standard as internet use.

Bulgaria’s oldest football club, Botev Plovdiv FC, has made a significant stride in integrating technology and sports. Hence, the club now welcomes Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments. In a move that echoes the steps of the UK’s Real Bedford, the club demonstrates its commitment to adopting modern financial practices.

Botev Plovdiv’s fans can now indulge in peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions. Moreover, these transactions are available at the club’s fan shops and during top-flight Bulgarian Parva Liga matches. Additionally, the club is working on expanding this payment method to its ticketing system and online store.

Anton Zingarevich, Botev Plovdiv FC’s president, shed light on this strategic decision. He emphasized the potential of the Lightning Network. “We see a future where Bitcoin payments become as commonplace as using the internet,” he mentioned. This integration will provide fans and stakeholders with an unmatched level of convenience.

This initiative was made possible due to a collaboration with BTCPay Server. The payment processor, known for its open-source architecture and secure framework, played a pivotal role. Moreover, the on-ground payment machinery was managed by CryptoDesk.bg. They teamed up with Bitcoinize.com to supply the point-of-sale devices.

Nicolas Dorier, the mind behind BTCPay Server, highlighted the value of local Bitcoin adoption. He expressed his commitment to endorsing transformative projects like that of Botev Plovdiv. George Manolov, the club’s Bitcoin director, shared similar sentiments. “Bitcoin presents many technological, social, and financial prospects,” he stated. He also added that the club, being Bulgaria’s most seasoned, promises more innovative endeavors in the future.

However, Botev Plovdiv FC’s innovative journey continues after Bitcoin. They’ve also enhanced their digital presence. The club’s website was overhauled, and its English social media platforms have been refreshed. Additionally, the club has inaugurated an account on Nostr, a decentralized protocol known for its resistance to censorship.

Peter McCormack, who chairs the UK’s Real Bedford club, chimed in with his insights. He has been a proponent of Bitcoin since 2021 and even counseled Plovdiv before their Bitcoin adoption. “Football clubs incorporating the Bitcoin standard in their strategy are essentially solidifying their future,” he remarked. Furthermore, he envisions a future where not just football, but various sports entities adopt this financial route.

Botev Plovdiv’s next home game against Lokomotiv Plovdiv, the league’s second-place team, is set to showcase these new payment methods. Significantly, the club announced this on the Bitcoin white paper day. It stands as a testament to their commitment and support for Bitcoin.

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