Bitcoin Whales from Satoshi-Era emerge: $230M in BTC transferred after 6 years of silence

Bitcoin Whales from Satoshi-Era emerge: $230M in BTC transferred after 6 years of silence

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  • Three major Satoshi-era Bitcoin wallets, dormant since 2017, have recently transferred a combined total of $230 million in BTC.
  • 2023 has seen a trend of such dormant Bitcoin whale addresses reactivating, with significant transfers, hinting at the unpredictable dynamics of the crypto world.



In a momentous move that has stirred considerable intrigue within the crypto community, three significant Satoshi-era Bitcoin wallets have awakened from a lengthy six-year slumber to transfer a staggering $230 million worth of Bitcoin.

The return of the bitcoin titans

These addresses, dormant since November 2017, shifted a combined total of 6,500 BTC, throwing the spotlight on the earliest days of Bitcoin’s existence when the digital currency was a relatively unknown entity. The term “Satoshi-era” pertains to the nascent stages of the Bitcoin network, named after its enigmatic creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Diving deeper into the data, BitInfoCharts reveals that the first of these wallets made a transfer of 2,550 BTC, with an estimated value of about $90 million. Close on its heels was the second address, which shifted around 2,000 BTC, approximating a sum of $71 million. The third in this trio of wallets moved about 1,950 BTC, equivalent to roughly $69 million.

A fascinating commonality amongst these addresses is the timing of their last recorded transactions. All three had their last activity on November 5, 2017. This means that they remained untouched throughout the significant bull run and even when it reached its all-time high, breaching the $69,000 mark.

A glimpse into the past: Mining and accumulation

Delving into the history of these addresses presents a captivating tale. The vast majority of the Bitcoin stored in these wallets can trace its origins back to July 2011. Interestingly, these holdings are closely associated with F2Pool, one of the premier Bitcoin mining pools.

Considering the price point of Bitcoin in July 2011, which was under $15, these wallets witnessed the meteoric rise of the digital currency. Observing such vast sums lying dormant during the most significant bull runs further accentuates the mystery surrounding these wallets.

Speculations abound regarding the ownership of these addresses. While it remains unconfirmed whether a single individual or entity holds all three wallets, similar transaction patterns and shared history imply a potential common owner.

2023: The year the Whales woke up

This recent, surprising movement of such vast amounts of Bitcoin is not an isolated incident in 2023. The year has witnessed a series of awakenings of Bitcoin whales – those holding colossal amounts of the cryptocurrency. Many of these dormant addresses, some over a decade old, have made significant transfers to new addresses, prompting speculation and curiosity among analysts and enthusiasts alike.

For instance, back in July, another surprise took the crypto community by storm. A wallet that had been in hibernation for an impressive 11 years moved Bitcoin worth $30 million. Not to be outdone, the following month saw a Satoshi-era wallet transfer a noteworthy 1,005 BTC to a fresh address.

The motives behind these large transfers remain speculative. Whether these whales are merely diversifying their holdings, preparing for some significant sales, or have other reasons entirely, is anyone’s guess. What’s undeniable, however, is the impact such moves have on the market’s dynamics and the heightened interest they garner.


In a year where Bitcoin touched new heights, surpassing the yearly high of $35,000, these sudden and significant shifts by old, dormant wallets serve as a gripping subplot, reminding everyone of the rich, storied history of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency. It also underscores the unpredictable nature of the crypto world, where sleeping giants can awaken at any moment and redefine market narratives.

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