Bitcoin continues upward push as Spot ETF gains persist


  • Bitcoin’s spot ETFs saw net inflows after a week, boosting its price.
  • ETF issuers added 4,200 Bitcoin worth $183 million on Monday.
  • Bitcoin’s price surged to $43,900, up 10% from the previous week.
  • Outflows at Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) slowed since the ETFs’ launch.

As Bitcoin enthusiasts eagerly monitor the cryptocurrency’s every move, the latest developments have taken the crypto world by surprise. Bitcoin, often considered a bellwether of the digital currency market, is experiencing an unexpected resurgence. In a turn of events that few could have predicted, ten spot Bitcoin ETFs managed to secure net inflows on Monday, marking their first positive movement in a week. This remarkable shift in momentum has propelled Bitcoin to its highest valuation since the inception of these exchange-traded funds.

In a display of remarkable resilience, ETF issuers collectively bolstered their Bitcoin holdings by more than 4,200 Bitcoin, equating to a staggering $183 million injection of capital. This influx of funds follows a tumultuous week characterized by consistent net outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Between January 23rd and January 26th, an estimated 20,000 Bitcoin departed from these funds. The previous instance of net inflow dated back to January 22nd when the spot funds, as a collective entity, added just over 1,200 Bitcoin to their reserves.

Bitcoin’s Remarkable Price Surge

The price of Bitcoin, which had recently dipped below the $39,000 mark amid heightened selling pressure, saw a remarkable resurgence, climbing to an impressive $43,900 earlier this Monday. As of the latest available data, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $43,500, marking a substantial 10% increase compared to its valuation just a week ago.

The consistent slowdown in outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust since the launch of the ETFs has been a notable factor contributing to this renewed optimism within the cryptocurrency market. The fund witnessed a staggering average of $470 million in capital exodus during the initial six days following the launch of the spot ETFs. However, on Monday, this figure diminished significantly, amounting to only $192 million in outflows, as reported by the research firm BitMEX.

As Bitcoin ETFs continue to make headlines, it appears that they are on course for their fifth consecutive day of gains. Notably, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is sending positive signals as its outflows begin to taper off. This positive trend reflects growing optimism among investors who are increasingly considering Bitcoin as a viable asset class.

Factors Shaping Bitcoin’s Trajectory in 2024

Looking ahead, several key factors are poised to influence Bitcoin’s journey in 2024. The upcoming halving event scheduled for April is a pivotal event historically associated with significant price surges. Additionally, the influx of institutional participation is expected to bring stability and credibility to the cryptocurrency market.

Analysts at crypto intelligence tracker Santiment have observed that Bitcoin’s bull cycle, which commenced in October, shows no signs of slowing down. A key indicator is the dwindling supply of Bitcoin on exchanges, which has been on a continuous decline since August. This reduction in available supply typically translates into reduced selling pressure, providing support for a potential price recovery.

Since August, the percentage of Bitcoin supply on exchanges has dwindled from 6.05% to 5.40% as of January 30th. A lower supply on exchanges suggests that more traders are opting to store their Bitcoin in wallets rather than leaving them on exchanges, further bolstering the positive outlook for the cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin halving event, historically a catalyst for price surges, is scheduled for April 18th. This event is closely watched by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike, as it has previously triggered substantial increases in Bitcoin’s value.

As Bitcoin continues to defy expectations and reach new heights, the cryptocurrency market remains on edge, eagerly anticipating the next twists and turns in this ongoing financial saga. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and the growing institutional interest, the crypto world is poised for an eventful year in 2024. As the Bitcoin ETFs gather momentum and reshape the investment landscape, only time will tell how this digital asset’s journey unfolds in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates as the Bitcoin saga continues to captivate the financial world.

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