Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, and Stacks Daily Price Analyses – 14 May Roundup


The global crypto market has reduced its losses over the last 24 hours, depreciating 0.67%.

The value of losses for Bitcoin has also reduced as it added 0.49%.

The amount of losses for Ethereum is also moving towards lows, as the losses for it amount to 1.27%.

Waves and Stacks also saw improvement over the last 24 hours, shedding 8.95% and 2.58%, respectively.

The performance of the global crypto market has improved over the recent hours, reducing its losses. The addition to gains for various coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. helped it enhance in the fight against bearishness. The change is encouraging for the investors because the decreasing losses indicate the possibility of a bullish wave in the market. If the mentioned change takes place, the market might see a bullish boom as happened previously. The constant decline in the market value has led to reducing investor trust.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is expecting the legislative bodies to take strong action for the regulation of stablecoins. The changes are expected to take place after the collapse of Terra UST. Also, Janet Yellen said that stablecoins are no threat to financial stability. The impacts of the collapse of Terra UST have continued and Do Kwon’s spouse has sought security from police after this happened. LUNA saw an improvement in value after tweets from Do Kwon, as the increase for it amounted to 1,500%. The reviving confidence in the value of LUNA indicates that the market has yet the potential to revive.

Here is a brief overview of the current market situation using the performance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some others.

BTC resuscitates

Bitcoin had also been through losses as it continued in a difficult situation. The changes in value for Bitcoin were too shocking as it has lost about $10K in less than a month. The changes affected the whole market because of the bulk of Bitcoin. It is facing another difficulty these days which is elevated hashrate, which has reached its all-time high.

BTCUSD 2022 05 15 07 54 36
Source: TradingView

If we look at the 24-hour performance of Bitcoin, it has been able to turn bullish, adding 0.49%. The increase in Bitcoin gains has led to a reduction in weekly losses which are currently at 13.90%. If the value of gains increases further, it will enhance the price indicators as well.

The price value for Bitcoin is in the $29,752.83 range. If we compare the market cap value for Bitcoin, it is estimated to be $566,689,195,838. In comparison, its 24-hour trading volume of it is about $27,982,533,744.

ETH reducing losses

Ethereum has also been facing a relaxed situation as the influx of capital towards the market has improved. The changes in Ethereum value are indicative of the possible bullishness. Investors are expecting a reduction in gas fees for Ethereum as the new update will help Ethereum solve some of its major problems.

ETHUSDT 2022 05 15 07 55 03
Source: TradingView

If we look at the performance of Ethereum for the last 24 hours, it has shed 1.27%. The decreasing daily losses have had a positive impact on monthly losses. Their value has reduced to 20.60%. If the current wave continues, it will have an impact on the upcoming days as well.

The price value for Ethereum is about $2,025.78. If we compare the market cap value for ETH, it is estimated to be $244,677,763,713. In comparison, its 24-hour trading volume of it is about $14,565,763,122.  

WAVES moving toward stability

Waves have also been improving as the market has seen an influx of capital. The 24-hour data for Waves shows that it has depreciated 8.96%. The weekly losses for this coin amount to 47.47%. This shows that it has halved its value while further losses will reduce its value further.

WAVESUSDT 2022 05 15 07 55 32
Source: TradingView

The price value for Waves has been reduced to $6.72. If we compare the market cap value, it has been reduced to $727,380,544. The 24-hour trading volume of this coin is about $378,227,200. The same amount in its native currency is about 56,296,659 waves.

STX improves

Stacks also decreased their losses as their value saw improvement. The changes have brought its daily losses to 2.58%. In comparison, the seven-day losses for this coin are about 30.18%. The latter value suggests the loss of about one-fourth of its value.

STXUSDT 2022 05 15 07 55 56
Source: TradingView

The price value for Stacks is in the $0.5491 range. If we compare the market cap value for STX, it is estimated to be $721,250,850. In comparison, the 24-hour trading volume for it is about $13,264,126. The circulating supply of this coin remained at 1,313,560,544 STX.

Final Thoughts

The global crypto market is trying to stabilize its value after going through steep depreciation. The current attempt has brought its losses to a much lower value. If we look at the global market cap value, it is currently about $1.27T, suggesting improvement. The increase in the value of the market is expected from Bitcoin enhancement. If it happens, the market will be able to revive. 

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