Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cronos, and Cosmos ATOM Daily Price Analyses – 12 March Roundup

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  • The global crypto market remains bearish, shedding 0.02% in the last 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin changes course as it gains 0.06% over the last 24 hours.
  • Ethereum also follows the Bitcoin trajectory, adding 0.08% in 24 hours.
  • Cronos is bullish, gaining 0.67%, while Cosmos is bearish, shedding 1.40%.

The global crypto market holds a central place in financial transactions because of the trust that it has achieved due to its decentralized nature. Proper care for data security and personal details has made it one of the best choices available to users. The recent geopolitical changes have made it susceptible to possible changes in the regulatory laws that might affect how it works. Even though there is no such debate going on in the official circles, there is a possibility that such-like considerations are made shortly. Thus, due to this fear, there is volatility felt in the market.

The business is continuing a usual trend in Bitcoin is determining how the market will perform. The pattern for volatility has changed as there is an alternation of losses and gains on alternate days without any specific change. Thus, the global market cap and Bitcoin value haven’t surpassed a specific value. The stability in Bitcoin value has come as the result of Russian investments. Market analysts believe that Russians have begun to shift their money to Dubai, investing it in crypto, especially Bitcoin.

The impacts of this are yet to be seen as how it will affect the market. Here is a brief overview of the market situation using currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other names.  

BTC following the fluctuating pattern

Bitcoin has remained relatively stable during the recent market fluctuations compared to the ones back at the start of this year. As the Eastern Europe conflict began to unfold, there was chaos seen for Bitcoin as it shed more than 10% in a single day. Later, the recovery in its value began, and now it has stabilized itself in a manner going to and for in the $38-42K range.

Source: TradingView

The previous 24 hours have brought it back to the bullish position. The change has brought gains of 0.06%. While if we consider the performance for the last seven days, Bitcoin has shed 0.53%. Thus, the price has also remained low due to the ongoing changes. The current price for Bitcoin is in the $39,175.75 range. If the current bullishness continues, Bitcoin will attempt to cross $40K.

The market cap for Bitcoin is estimated to be $743,992,351,094. The 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin is estimated to be $14,759,421,503. The graph shows fluctuations in value while the ongoing bullishness might take it high again.

ETH turns green

Ethereum has also gained value due to bullishness initiated by a change in Bitcoin value. The recent data shows that it has gained 0.08% over the last 24 hours. In contrast, the losses for the last seven days are about 2.29%. The changes might continue in the value as there is certainty in the situation.

Source: TradingView

The current price for Ethereum is in the $2,591.42 range. At the same time, the market cap for Ethereum is estimated to be $310,983,661,801. If we take a peek at its trading volume, it is estimated to be $6,566,919,615. The mentioned amount in the native currency of Ethereum is 2,532,685 ETH.

The circulating supply for Ethereum remained 119,937,108 ETH during the last 24 hours.

CRO adds further to the value

Cronos has added 0.67% over the last 24 hours. The said change is much better than its performance over the last seven days as it continued to shed value. The losses for the last seven days are about 4.58%. The fluctuations have also lowered its price, which is in the $0.3903 range.

Source: TradingView

Cronos’ market cap has also been affected by the bearishness that it went through. It is estimated to be $9,841,264,289 as per the recent data. While if we look at its 24-hour trading volume, it is about $47,742,389.

The circulating supply for Cronos remained 25,063,213,692 CRO. 

ATOM continues to erode the value

Cosmos ATOM has remained bearish even the market has begun to change. This continuation resulted in a loss of 1.40% over the last 24 hours. While if we compare the performance for the last seven days, it shows that the losses are 7.40%.

Source: TradingView

The price for this coin has also been affected by the continuous erosion in value, thus in the $27.47 range as of the latest updates. The current market cap for ATOM is about $7,857,592,352. At the same time, the 24-hour trading volume of this coin remained $341,079,908.

The circulating supply for this coin remained 286,370,297 ATOM.

Final Thoughts

There is yet another turn in the market fluctuations as it has again turned bullish. The new change has brought its market cap to $1.75T. Even though some of the coins in the market are bearish, there are chances that they will soon turn bullish. If this doesn’t happen, it will indicate that the recent alternating pattern of bullish and bearish trends has come to an end. A continuing bearishness for the market might signify significant shedding in value. Even though there is no clear signal of what will happen, there are hopes for the best. 

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