Bitbot Changes the Telegram Trading Game. Crypto Presale Soars to $600k

Bitbot is at the forefront of blockchain innovation while smashing through milestone after milestone during its crypto presale. This new trailblazing Telegram trading bot project has already raised $600k in 5 weeks. With 300 million tokens available over 15 stages, the native BITBOT token is now in stage 3 and priced at just $0.011. So, why are so many investors adding Bitbot to their crypto wallets in its early stages?

As well as being one of the best ICOs of 2024, paving the way for investors to gain enormous returns once the coin lists on exchanges, Bitbot’s commitment to security and innovation elevates it beyond other Telegram trading bots, making it a genuine crypto pioneer.

Elevating Telegram trading with impregnable security

Bitbot is setting new standards for the security and efficiency of trading. Unlike other trading bots such as Unibot, which lost $560 million during a security breach in October 2023, or Banana Gun, which suffered allegations of rug pulling that led to it losing more than 99% of its value within hours of the news breaking, Bitbot is all about protecting user’s crypto wallets.

Bitbot has built a strategic alliance with security guru KnightSafe, resulting in the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot solution. This makes it the perfect choice for serious crypto traders who want security from their investments. Not only do users retain full control over their funds, with transactions only completing once trades execute, but they employ a “not your keys, not your crypto” approach to security.

KnightSafe uses a tried-and-trusted sophisticated key-sharing protocol that distributes access among several trusted parties. This ensures that no single party can access or control a user’s key, significantly reducing the risk of malicious parties accessing users’ crypto wallets and increasing the privacy and security of their assets.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot stands out in the field of Telegram trading bots by combining traditional finance’s unswerving commitment to security with the freedom and innovation of blockchain. With Bitbot’s project team combining expertise across both sectors, the result is a platform that fuses top-level security protocols with trailblazing crypto trading features.

Along with Bitbot’s multi-key security, the platform has additional security measures. These include solutions to combat MEV bot activities and protection against rug pull schemes. This means that users and their crypto wallets are protected against issues that have scuppered Unibot and Banana Gun.

Alongside the high-security capabilities is a range of features designed to enhance users’ trading experience. Its gem scanner feature allows users to find promising low-value presale gems and high-potential cryptos. Meanwhile, the platform’s powerful AI-driven snipe tool automates the trading of low-priced gems, selling them at predetermined prices for maximum profitability.

As a result, Bitbot has created an environment for users of all abilities and expertise to flourish. Copy trading features allow users to mimic trading strategies from the most successful users, offering educational and time-saving options. In addition, Bitbot offers users a lifelong 15% share of trading fees from referred users through the platform’s appealing referral program. As well as a 50% revenue share for BITBOT coin holders. This demonstrates Bitbot’s commitment to building an interconnected and engaged user community while building momentum behind the project.

How high can Bitbot go?

Bitbot investors can be optimistic, seeing the performance of Unibot and Banana Gun, which have experienced significant growth despite security flaws. Bitbot’s commitment to robust security and user control sets a new standard in the Telegram trading bot space.

To illustrate what may lie ahead for Bitbot, it’s worth looking at the current market valuations of competitors. Unibot is valued at around $58 million at the time of writing, with Banana Gun at $43 million. Meanwhile, both coins managed seismic returns, with Banana Gun generating 28x gains and Unibot achieving 200x gains for early stage presale investors, meaning that Bitbot early-stage investors could be hitting the jackpot.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total market cap for Telegram trading bots exceeds $350 million and continues to grow. Bitbot’s presale has launched at the perfect opportunity to accelerate growth and grab a serious market share. With its superior focus on security compared to the competition, expect Bitbot to be a prime candidate for 100x returns in 2024/5.

The Bitbot presale: Is it the best crypto investment right now?

Bitbot is launching a mission to redraw the boundaries of Telegram trading bot standards. Offering users a compelling security package to protect their crypto wallets and digital assets, alongside innovative trading features, including copy trading, gem scanning, and sniping tools, means that the presale is a hot property in the opening weeks of 2024.

With the Bitcoin (BTC) halving event looming and an expected bull run to follow, wise investors are getting their digital assets in order by investing in this high-potential platform at rock-bottom prices. With exponential growth potential this year alone, Bitbot is looking like one of the best crypto investment opportunities around.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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